Pervy Software Authors

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by still21inmymind, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. Must say I am impressed by some of the perviness adopted by sotware authors, in particular the lads at Capcom who gave us Resident Evil. The Easter Egg in RE2 (on PS) whereby if you search a certain desk 52 times you find nothing, but on the 53rd occasion find a film, which when 'developed' is a photo of a bikin-clad schoolgirl. Or the amount of detail in RE4 (PS2) that went into defining the swirl of the mini-skirt worn by the young blonde as she crawls along in front of you, or the propensity for all femal RE bints to wear short revealing leather outfits.

    Just aving a game of Tiger Woods 2004 (PS2) and ound myself trying to look down the cleavage of my CG opponent, FFS.

    Apologies if there are 'f's and 'h's missing from this post, this keyboard is ucked.
  2. Half-life (Counterstrike) there is a skin pack that includs nudes, upskirts, and top less nuns. Well worth a perv.
  3. I recall there being an issue with Grand Theft Auto where some of the cut scenes were very graphic.
  4. Ghost_us,

    I believe that was GTA San Andreas 'Hot Coffee' hack where you could simulate banging CJ's bird, I havent seen it in action though.
  5. It's funny as fcuk. The deveoplers RockStar released a patch to fix the hack, but it's a seperate download.
  6. Found it on Youtube:

    Here's the link.
  7. "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation"
  8. The video clip worked when it was posted, haha, good stuff
  9. Skin pack for naked Nazi females in "Return to Castle Wolfenstein". An oldie but still a goodie.