Pervs on Message Sites

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by western, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. All Joking aside, one we should watch out for:

    Hackers spread child porn through message boards

    Hackers have spread child pornography by infecting online message boards, experts claim.

    The legitimate websites have been hijacked by cybercriminals who are exploiting the forums to promote graphic child abuse content. The affected sites contain posts that attempt to entice the readers to various child pornography websites, according to experts at Sophos.

    The majority of pages are on legitimate web pages and one is even on a site designed for children. The posts are all found on message boards within these sites and contain offensive words and hidden links to the illegal sites, the anti-virus software company said.

    “Some of the same techniques that malware authors use in order to infect victims with malware are being used to distribute links and drive traffic to all sorts of web content," said Fraser Howard, principal virus researcher at Sophos. “What's most worrying about these posts is that they're happening on legitimate sites. Any website can fall victim to an attack, no matter what the content.”

    He said that this leaves all innocent web surfers, including children, vulnerable to such offensive material.

    “The fact is that any unprotected website can be targeted by cybercriminals trying to spread their malicious content. It is essential that web hosts remain vigilant for hackers' attacks, and deploy security solutions to defend against new and emerging threats."
  2. your question is???????????????
  3. Passing information does not constitute a question. This is the sort of site that is being exploited.
  4. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    I don't suppose you have any *evidence* that this is happening on ARRSE? Or indeed any suggestion of the sort of techniques we should watch out for?

    Or maybe this is just a non-story invented to get headlines for a firm that sells anti-virus/malware stuff?
  5. I am sure that Sophos are correct in their detached and objective analysis. I am equally certain that as a major producer of anti spy/malwear their report is entirely untainted by self-interest and they do not seek to promote any of their softwear specifically aimed at addressing the problems they articulate in their report.
  6. Boss,

    I think it's safe to say that this is a non-story. You could take out child porn and insert 'how to re-activate a weapon' or 'how to make explosives'.

    That's my take on it and you know my background. A non-event IMO.
  7. I'd certainly question the validity of that claim!
  8. Journalistic license perhaps as all they are talking about is misuse of message boards but in reality all Web sites present vulnerabilities.
  10. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Of course and that is why we have spent many hundreds of hours making this site very, very secure. Now why not do something useful and tell us where our vulnerabilities are ......

    Saying that websites can be vulnerable is in the same league as saying that crossing the road can be dangerous.
  11. It'll cost you.... ;)
  12. Do you know? That is the last time that I post any piece of information that is the public domain that could be of interest or be slightly connected to this site. I was hoping that people may find the information useful or that it may spark some meaningful debate.

    Indifference I can handle but bringing out the ‘of course I know better’ who then feel that from their position on the top of Mount Olympus they can start having a personal pop to make themselves feel self important beggars belief. To top it off one of the site Admins joins in! Being negative to make yourselves look important is a particularly unpleasant side of certain areas of the Army.

    Just for to provide context, I have been employed in Information Security for the past ten years and I am fully aware of all the debates and scare stories that are regularly published. I am also aware of the motivation of IT Security vendors and their desire to keep the level of hype up to increase their sales.

    But, before you all start to fire back, remember, there is no right answer when it comes to security and the abuse of technology, just the unknown until the next vulnerability is exploited.
  13. Very good of you to post warnings etc,but try not to be such a pompous windbag over it and you might get a better response.
    P.S you don't have access to some bdsm/leather/rubber sites to share do you? :lol:
  14. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    This isn't a story - its a piece of shameless PR by the company concerned.

    As an IS 'professional' I'd be grateful if you could share some of your knowledge of how to prevent this with the two amateurs who run this site rather than just pontificating. Currently your desire to be helpful unfortunately stops short of actually being useful.
  15. That's a big word for a Wednesday! :wink:

    Re: Pervs on Message Sites..........
    Yes I can vouch for there being a fair few on 'ere, who has the list? :lol: