Pervs being castrated

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Fablonbiffchitthe1st, Mar 14, 2012.

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  1. Not good enough. Physical castration is the way forward!
  2. They should have been hung. All that bloody money squandered on them, a rope is a lot cheaper.
  3. nooter their knackers off !!!
  4. Do it with a stanley knife see how many want it then, the trouble is you cannot chemically castrate a mind. You can already see the future, well your honour it wasn't my clients fault that he sexually abused the child he has been chemically castrated, so it must be the states fault.
    If they really want to stop pervs, stop protecting them in prison, no special wing for you noncey boy!
  5. I thought chemical castration meant dissolving their knackers in a vat of chemicals, not popping a few pills. I feel quite let down, to be honest.
  6. Ah well, no worries. I'll get some testosterone shots and pop a few Viagra instead.
  7. Results are more important than winning the argument with this, if it works it works.
  8. terroratthepicnic

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    Can the Chemical they use be a blister or nerve agent?
  9. I half agree, but you could extend that logic to simply executing anyone caught shoplifting, etc.
  10. It depends how it's handled. If some cases of paedophilia are considered an illness then chemical castration is merely treating that illness and is carried out on the same basis as any other treatment. I should imagine that there are paedophiles who genuinely don't want to be paedophiles and would welcome the chance to reduce their sex drive. I doubt it would be successful for everyone and their would have to be a degree of willingness to comply or, as has been mentioned someone could just stop taking their medication or, even after surgical castration, take external hormone therapies to return their desire. Nothing is a guaranteed solution but everything should be tried.
  11. ... is it spelt Paedophile or Pedophile ?
  12. True, however I was arguing with someone a while back and I stated that in the US when the internet was relatively new child porn was banned, cases of child sex offences doubled.
    Now the quandry is do you give pervs child porn to **** over, or do you subject 50% more kids to abuse? (imagine that we COULD half child sex abuse!) It seems the argument is more important than the end result on this one.
  13. Could go with the mob and fire bomb Peadiatrics!
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  14. mmmm, i agree mr markin. I suppose it is as close as we could get to the double HD breeze block which personally i prefer. It says nothing over reducing tariff, yet.....However, what it does say is that these henious crimes are often the product of domination and violence....may not stop that part of the process, but in long and short they're in a cat C and hopefully there they bloody well stay! Fuckin nonces move em all to the isle of white.