perving at you kids mates

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sabre, Aug 17, 2005.

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  1. Following a convo that happend in chat i decided to open this to the infinte wisdom of the rest of Arrse.

    We were discussing is it actually ethical to perv at ya kids mates?

    I dont mean in a peadofile kind of way, Such as kids aged under 16. I am simply stating that if you had a daughter who had just turned 16, and still had PJ partys, with all her other girlie mates coming over, would you perv at them?

    Would it make you feel like something out of the American beauty film?

    We all know kids around this age dress and try to act older than they are, so it can be hard to tell there exact age. Some of them look right stunners aswell

    We are only human after all.

    But is it ethical?
  2. Who cares if it's ethical, as long as they are fit?
  3. This is the NAAFI, so I can't believe I'm trying to be sensible but...

    You find out that the father of a friend of your teenage (16 - it's legal!) daughter is perving at her. Do you:

    a) Think “Crack on mate!”
    b) Employ death by One Thousand Cuts, an unanesthetised castration and facial re-shaping by baseball bat

  4. This says to me you arent getting any and are gripping on with dear life to your lost sex life!

    A>B=trouble When A = sexdrive B= actual sex you are getting.

    I would be more concerned with your girls mates referring to you as the old perv who cant keep his eyes off their arrse etc!

    Also beware that they could use the situation to their advantage by exploiting your weakness for money/alcopops etc!
  5. Dozy Bint hit the nail on its head. Ethical or not, what would you feel/think/do if an old bloke perved at your teenage daughter? My old man would have castrated that fecker.
  6. Depends if its a mate or not!
  7. You can tell you're not a dad yet! I don't know who originally said it, but someone wise once said that the greatest punishment a cad can suffer is to father a daughter...
  8. Neither are you, dozy! But who knows what magic 20th century medicine will bring! :twisted:
  9. Actually, I think if I had kids and a friend perved over my fit son (arrogantly assuming that non existent lad would be fit :wink: ) I think I would feel very sick. I'd find it much worse than a stranger doing that. Do you really think, Sabre, that you wouldn't mind?

    Interesting question that you've raised.
  10. True, but I know my dad's attitude to our boy friends once my sister & I reached a certain age!
  11. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I get both sides of this and, hypocrite that I am, work it out like this.

    As a Dad:
    My eldest is now 17 - luckily enough, up to now she has been too interested in schoolwork to bother with boys, but this is changing. I certainly intend to give the first one brought home a good slapping, on some trumped-up excuse, just to show her I have her best interests at heart.

    As a Perv:
    On the other hand, she does have mates over for sleepovers, and I do volunteer to pick her up from her annual sports day at School. Most of her pals are 18 now, and extremely fit, so this can make things very hard for me....
  12. Bet that catches on the seat belt :lol: :lol:
  13. .... quite literally :lol:
  14. Nah i dont think i would mind, only if they equally had a fit daughter for me to letch over!
  15. Old Snowy, how p1ssed off would you be if she started going out with a squaddy or worse, a crab!!!!