Perving at Snow White.

The handsome Prince had whisked Snow White off to his Castle and the seven dwarves had decided to follow in case she needed help.

They were hiding in bushes outside the Castle, keeping watch, when they saw flickering lights come on and the Prince carry SW past the window on the first floor.

They quickly hatched a plan to stand on each other's shoulders, so that the dwarf at the top could see what was going on, then relay it down one by one to the bottom dwarf.

They scrambled up on top of each other, with Dopey naturally the bottom one.

Doc, the top dwarf, peered into the room and his eyes widened as he saw the Prince lay SW down on top of his big bed.

Doc whispered "He's laying her gently on his bed"
Happy relays "He's laying her gently on his bed"
Grumpy.........."He's laying her gently on his bed"
Bashful..gulp..."He's laying her gently on his bed"
Sleepy...shit..."He's laying her gently on his bed"
Sneezy..fuck..."He's laying her gently on his bed"

Doc relays......"He's removing her clothing" and it goes down to Dopey,
"he's removing her clothing"
"he's removing her clothing"
etc etc
ect ect
ect ect

Then.."He's kissing her breasts"
down to dopey...Phoarrr!

Then.."He's got his head between her legs and he's licking her"
Down to Dopey...Phewww!

"He's got his cock out, it's massive!"
Down to Dopey...Arrrghh!

Just then, the Prince chanced to look over and saw a hairy face looking back at him. He leapt off the bed and grabbed his sword.

Doc squeals "Fucking hell, he's coming!"

"So am I"
"So am I"
"So am I"
"So am I"
"So am I"

"I've cum five times already"
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