Pervert Soldier

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by UberSoldat, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. Well he hasn't actually been found guilty yet but the evidence doesn't look good for him.

    Who uses chloroform as a cooking fuel?
  2. No, not found guilty yet, but the child porn on his laptop, could be a give away, don't you think?
  3. Indeed.

    Also chloroform doesn't burn in air if this is to be believed:

    I know wikipedia isn't always right but I know who I'd rather believe...
  4. Scumbag. If it was only a fantasy, why did he need the real drug? :evil:

    Any type of anesthetic is dangerous. I would have thought ether, chloroform etc would have been restricted. Apparently, this cnut ordered it over the internet... 8O
  5. Well if the five that down-loaded all the jihad terror shite can get off with the excuse that they were only looking at it. : 8O Is this very different? Maybe this will show there is one rule some and another for others. :rage:

    I wonder if he has any of the chloroform left, just interested thats all. :roll:
  6. An Isolated case obviously.... any normal Welsman would be looking at seductive pictures of Ewes and ordering Sheep Dip over the internet.
  7. Not very good is it ? and especially so for a Gunner.
    Maybe he could use the Jihad defence and say he was a closet muslim and was just trying to sus out if he could could kidnap a young infidel girl in the name of the Prophet and then use her to get Broon to pull the troops out of Afghanistan.

    Sounds far fetched but it has worked for others
  8. Note to self, don't use ARRSE at an internet cafe....
  9. Can't be a real pervert - fuucker hasn't passed an armourers course!
  10. Is different. Here, he - if found guilty of downloading the stuff, is considered an actual accessory to the crime - that of filming children.
  11. No one it would seem. From the wiki

    So why would he want it as a fuel?

    IT can be used for the following....

    What is more concerning is that this stuff is available over the internet from Scotland. It has often killed those who are to be "put under".

    I'll wait for the official verdict before demanding he is tortured to death, but it doesn't look good. An anesthetic, a daft reason why he had the stuff, talking about on t'internet and pictures of kiddie porn on his computer.
  12. Exactly my point. There is no way this stuff should be available except under the strictest conditions.
  13. Planning in internet chatrooms to kidnap young girls? Hardly unusual or massively deviant. Mountain out of a molehill.