"Pervert on submarine is let off.......,"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Myss, Nov 10, 2004.

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  1. "... because he was bored"

    Express, Wednesday 10th November:

    WTF? So we can get away with any sh1t if we use the excuse that we were bored? No - I don't think so. If that was me, I would have had a boot so severely up my arrse that it leave me walking like a ricket-suffering cowboy. And rightly so.
    The GMC has shown over and over again that they are an organisation that will keep their members on as long as there is a suitable excuse, and what they interpret as suitable is a hell of a long list. Not only do they do an injustice to the victims (ok - not exactly at his physical hands but still) and the public on a whole by delivering paltry punishment to those who are supposed to be setting a professional conduct, but the reputation of the RN could also damaged in this case. I can imagine it can be a little tedous - but now the GMC says it is 'healthy' for the average twenty-odd male to be looking at kiddie porn just because he is bored - there's nothing else on the net for him to satisfy his mind? Perhaps it was thought that he was of a level that he didn't need supervision but I'm sure his bosses would of found him something else to do.

    Whether looking. overseeing or performing such sexual assaults, it still mark in my book as a need such a person to have the formal punishment as described in the piece above, and the informal procedure of a head-to-door shutting process. To me, it is only the start of doing it physically - it was only the investigation that stopped him in his tracks. He should of gone for walk - outside the submarine - without the use of BAs.
  2. Ummm... where'd you get this? Is it a newspaper article... the spelling is atroshus!!
  3. Don’t know the guy but I imagine that when this gains a wider currency in the Navy, his credibility as a Naval Officer and Navy doctor will be zero. I note from his entry in the Navy List he is not yet a member of any Medical Institutions (too junior). If so, hopefully the Royal College of Surgeons and the like will have more sense than the GMC and not admit the cnut in the first place. If I was a ‘medic’ I wouldn’t want to work with him.

    Curiosity, boredom, research, rebellion, boll0cks. If he had a scrap of decency, he’d have been repelled by what he saw, give himself a good talking to and bin the idea of building up a collection. Paying the abusers and producers encourages them and leads to more victims.

    Perhaps a Naval father will give Ruthven some old fashioned mess deck (or Wardroom) justice. I’ll be looking out for him (that is not a threat of violence) and would have to be in a bad way before I’d accept medical treatment from him.

    Have to agree with Wynter about the spelling. Express you say?
  4. MySSL

    Can you post a link to this story, or another piece posted elsewhere?
  5. Bad spelling in the original post and PTP's post alerts me to the possibility of a stitch up.



    Ruthven has been up to no good. As for good spelling, like facts, good spelling is not a journalistic requirement.
  6. Bloody hell - you got the gist of it anyway lol. It was typed out and sent to me. Spelling corrected I hope - although corrections was not the point of the post :)
    Daily Express - Page 21 - Wednesday 10th November
  7. Surely theres a long and proud tradition of sexual deviancy in the senior service!

    "Two men looking out of a porthole sah!" :lol:
  8. Just wanted to make sure that with a piece this sensitive, Arrse had it's arrse covered :D

    There have been restrictions placed upon him, and the punishment for his offence(s) have been determined and administered.

    Which is a roundabout way of me saying "Please temper your replies"
  9. Its an issue I've dealt with in the past (not to that extent though) which is why I was so 'vocal', but your point is taken :)
  10. Just to be controversial...

    You can kind of understand the idea that he would be curious, not necessarily a pervert... in the same way that people download videos of abductees being beheaded, purely out of curiosity.

    It doesn't mean they approve of it, or like it in any way at all - they just want to know what the fuss is about. Has anyone here not been tempted to have just one peek when they've seen a link? (before deciding No and moving on)

    However, the guy knew what he was doing was illegal, so he can hardly be innocent of crime. Looks like his punishment will be in his reputation, as Seadog pointed out.
    Plus... 4,000 images? :x That's a lot of boredom.
  11. I am sorry but civiliian courts are sending people to prison for far less than 3,800 images. a Police Sgt got 12 months for a similar offence.

    How come this guy is not inside? Did it go to court martial?

    This appears to be a very leniant sentence indeed.

  12. I wonder if the RN Medical Branch is as short of doctors as the AMS?
  13. SIB investigate lesbo floorshow in Iraq which will no doubt result in brown and smelly all round for those involved. Maybe even a little spell in MCTC.
    Navy doctor let off

    Justice anyone?
  14. It has been suggested in police circles that we have compeltly misunderstood the motivation behind this kind of crime.

    It would seem that whilst many of those arrested were "classic" paedophiles in many other cases the motivation seems to be not a sexual attraction to children but a perverse attraction to (not always sexual) extremes. Along side the paedophile images will be executions, car crash victims etc etc

    Perhaps making such people "sexual" offenders does them, and society, no justice at all.