Perversion? Cultural Diversity!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Apr 20, 2010.

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  1. Fcukin pervs. This is the sort of thing our durr brains here can't get their heads around. It's like those fcukin Bradford muslim spokesmen who could hardly speak intelligible English, complaining about the dome structures on the ranges. I get sent on diversity awareness courses, but they're the ones with the narrow minded intolerance who need fcukin educating. What a mad world we live in. I don't know why stuff like this even winds me up anymore. Gggrrr! :x
  2. It states that this practice is illegal in Afghan law, despite it being banned under the taliban, it probably continued to be of limited practice during those times too.

    The quicker the rich and powerful get Beemers to show their wealth the quicker this sort practice will die out.
  3. Rumour is that Lord Mandelson has offered to lead an investigation into the matter.
  4. I've got a good friend in Canada, served a full career in the military, and her neice is now out there.

    I got told this last year, but we don't want to upset our "allies" do we?

    She reckoned it is widespread.
  5. Anyone who's served in Afghan will have heard about "man love Thursday". Friends of mine who worked with the ANA had stories about the young looking terps wearing makeup etc on Thursdays and being able to hear the "goings on".

    This has been part of their culture for alot longer than either the west or the Taliban have been running things and will probably continue long after it's all gone tits up again.
  6. I can`t believe that some posters seem to be surprised at this. It`s a "Muzzie nonce " thing. It`s been going on for centuries.
  7. I was in Kabul last century - nay, last millenium, err both - and the Taliban introduced a law that every man's body had to be shaven. Apparently you can't go to heaven if you are not clean and they interpreted it as that.

    It all went a bit Pete Tong when the Ministry of Vice and Virtue - for it was they - managed to get the unfortunate reputation of checking out young boys' genitals in the subway by the money market.

    Plus ca change, plus s'est la meme chose
  8. I am old enough to have had a grandfather who served as a NCO in charge of mule trains over in the middle east. How does that old ditty go, " In the street of a thousand arseholes, by the sign of the ". No ,I forget.
    Degenerate scum, the lot of them.
  9. I wonder what the Afghanis would think of our 'culture' with such as deliberatly hurting people and videoing the action for youtube?
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Choco, that might be your "culture" but it certainly isnt mine!
  11. Like beheading a live "prisoner" then uploading the video onto the internet?
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I remember reading about the 'intense loving bond' between Afghan men in,I believe,Ross Kemp on Afghanistan or similar.

  13. I'm still haunted by the screams of pain/ ecstacy from coming from the ANA compoundin NAWA (PB Bemuda) on Man Love Thursday, even shocked the Estonians
  14. Christ! That's a memory I wouldn't want in my head. And if the Estonians were shocked, then that says it all.

    My impression of the country when I was there (before the current war kicked off) was that it was in the dark ages. I guess things haven't changed much, and probably won't for many years to come.