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Perv away fiends.

Well.... I never saw or met a nice Lady SSM who looked 'Cute & Tasty'..... they were old 'Boilers'... mind you, some of the Junior Second Leutnenants in WRAC straight out of MONs Officer Training (now that dates me)... were quite tasty..... ..... 'Male Officers Playthngs Only'... all spoken for as soon as they were posted out to BAOR.... :oops:
broken_man said:
scuba_frog said:
broken_man said:
Sh1t the bed, they're gopping (except the fighter pilot who'd get it right up her)
but not from a dustman like you, surely.....
I'm sorry I understand each of your words but the sentence makes no sense...
I'll break it down mate. Her, pilot, intelligent. You, dustman, simian. Intelligence + ape= no brainer.

Can you see how that works now....? But please feel free to keep masterbating.
Hmmm....hadn't thought of that. Is that price to pay worth it for those lovelies they have.........looking at them again I would have to say............yes.

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