Discussion in 'Australia' started by SKJOLD, Oct 4, 2010.

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  1. Ive never been, is there a reason I should not go?
    So the usual questions -
    Who to fly down with?
    Where to stay?
    Dos and donts?
    What to do?
    Points of interest.


    p.s edited title so as not to confuse the Jocks amongst us. [:D]
  2. Australia or the lovely rainy place in Scotland?
  3. We've not had rain for at least 10 minutes, the OP posted in the AUSTRALIA forum :)

    I have a friend that moved there a few years ago and he loves it, lots to do and a great social life
  4. Wah! Why would I post a question about jockland in an aussie forum?

  5. Depending on your budget?

    Based on my experience of Perth.

    Who to fly down with? ~ Emirates

    Where to stay? ~ Anywhere along Adelaide or St Georges Terrace

    Dos and donts? ~ Do pack as much into your day as possible and make sure that you wear sun screen. Don't take any formal attire whatsoever, you wont need it.

    What to do? ~ Visit the parks or the beach, take a trip down the Swan River. Go to a sporting event at the WACA.

    Points of interest. ~ Visit Kings Park and the War Memorial Kings Park, Western Australia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Locals? ~ Very friendly and sociable but beer is not as cheap as you would expect.

    If you get the chance to go for a holiday don't hesitate. If you are young(ish) and thinking of emigrating there go for it!
  6. Visit Fremantle. It's home to the maritime museum and the Army Museum, which are both quite good (if you're into that sort of thing), and the former Fremantle Prison, as well as dozens of cafes, pubs and restaurants.

    I'd also suggest that if you're staying in Perth for a while, a trip down south could be worthwhile. Margeret River (about a 3 hour drive from Perth) has plenty of wineries and breweries and the beaches around Dunsburough are some of the nicest in the country.

    And like TheBigUn said, visit Kings Park.

    This website has a good list of things to do.
    Welcome to Western Australia - Tourism Western Australia
  7. Violent storms can occur in quick succession - the weather blows in from the Indian Ocean, and naturally expends itself on landfall, namely Perth.
  8. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Fremantle is a lovely place, just don't go swimming there, it's infested with sharks so I was told.
    The old Fremantle Prison is a must for a visit and the tour ends with the execution chamber which is still intact from the last hanging in 1964.
    The restaurants are excellent and the best chicken Caesar salad I have ever had was in Fremantle.
    The place was so good I never got as far as Perth which is only about ten miles or so away.

    Hope you have a great time.
  9. Depends how good a traveller you are. Emirates, great flight, but you will pay unless you get an on line special. Look at Royal Brunei or Air Asia for cheaper rates.

    Where to stay. The "Terrace" (St Georges) is good. You will find all your major hotel chains there. Northbridge, which is near the city can offer some good deals. Freo is great, good hotels and cheaper places too. The "Hills" (they pass for mountains some nice B&B's there. Basically you will find good accommodation throughout the metro area.

    If you have time......Do visit Margaret River, it's beautiful. Do visit the South Coast, you won't regret it. If you are feeling adventurous, and come in the right season try and get up to Kalbarri and the north (Kimberly). Broome is a must!

    BTW, all beverages are served ultra cold warm

    Most of all, have a ball. It's a great city and state, so make the most of it.
  10. Definitely some rainy place in Scotland dude... ;)
    I really love to go those places...
  11. Boldnotold

    Boldnotold LE Book Reviewer

    Visit Freo prison too. Only closed in 1996, and a very interesting tour which includes the room with the noose.

    And the refurbished Dock Warehouse area is good for an afternoon people-watching.

    Just outside Fremantle is Leighton Battery, staffed by volunteers, mostly ex-service, so open on sundays. Youtube has some pics of the tunnels.

    If you're travelling south, Busselton has some interesting history, and there are some limestone caves south of there.

    As the others say, King's Park is definitely a 'must', particularly at dusk when the flame on the memorial is lit, and the memorial seems to float above the city. Read the plaques to VC winners too. Very humbling.
  12. Not been to Perth but weather there is holding up pretty well right now - it posted temps in the low 30s and sunshine earlier this week compared to showers and temps in the mid 20s here in Sydney. The comment about the price of ale is bang on - remember your pound will not stretch far right now as the exchange rate is shocking (my gratuity is still sat in the UK for this reason). Again I don't know the exact prices for there but taking Sydney as an example you will pay AUD 5 to AUD 5.50 for a schooner (short of a pint) which is about £3.20.
  13. While you are there, go to Rottnest Island - the ferry leaves from Fremantle. There's a coastal battery and the lovely little Quokka too.
    Perth Zoo is worth a look.
    King's Park is a must.