Persuading a stubborn old soldier to see a Physio

Can anyone suggest a physio, near Salisbury/Shaftesbury, who is a middle aged man with experience managing stubborn old soldiers?

My father’s shoulder dislocates too often. He previously saw a young female physio and there was no listening, mutual comprehension or cooperation between them – so he stopped going and gave up the exercises.

Many Thanks


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if its that often then get him refered to a specialist via the doctor, while physio is meant to build up the muscle and tighten the join it sounds like he needs a suture to hold it in place as its probable the ligament which holds it together is snapped. my brother had this at welbeck and suffered ever since

you/he can go down to the4 local physio dept and ask to see a specific type of physio if it must be a middle aged man.

I had similar regards the plate in my wrist, physio said good grip and movement so she didnt see why I was there, she didnt understand the constant pain which led to the plate coming back out again.
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