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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ishinryu, Mar 15, 2003.

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  1. Do you get further in the slime based on your personality or on your professionalism? Discuss. :mad:
  2. I think the only way to get ahead in the Corps these days is to transfer in from another Corps where you were going nowhere and then bleat about how much better things were in your old Corps. ;D  Oh yeah and then whinge that you didn't come off the promotion board after a year in the slime, forgetting that there was a reason that you were a fifteen year full screw. ;)
  3. One of my handlers once said he found that an involvement in charity work helped his carrear along tremendously.

  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Join ther Masons, it works a treat in my Corps!
  5. Q Man Some how, I can't believe that there is anything in that:

    Don't fall for all those conspiracy stories.

    You'll be telling me they run Ay Nik next ?    :eek:

    Photo removed to provide some level of decency - Bow_Man
  6. Couldn't agree more, but have you ever thought about how many transfer into the Int Corps (I did hear once that it was about 40% of the manpower), but I have not come across many who transferred out; kicked out or failed phase 2 - yes, but not transferred once they have passed their phase 2 training and been posted to a unit.  Makes you think that they must be doing something right.
  7. Bowman I see you have edited out a photo that has been posted elsewhere on this site for several months and is freely available on the www.  

    You are obviously aware of the full context then. . .  ?

    ( not enough alchohol, tks lips )
  8. No I am not aware of the full context of the photo.  However the fact that it was called fatalrta.jpg was enough for it to be removed.  I actually don't care who was in the car and what the circumstances of the incident were, the simple fact is that I have seen enough fatal rta's in my time to realise that if I was involved in one I wouldn't want my corpse flashed around the internet as some sort of "joke".  You can like my reasons or not...don't post that crap on this board...that simple.
  9. Then your beef is also with the ISP hosting that web site and it's owners :

    If there is a corpse in the shot, then you can probably see the snow on it's boots as well.  An imagery analyst  and the fire service will tell you otherwise .

    Yours is the corps that routinely uses cars from RTA's as gate guardians, not my handler's; and drags shift workers in for conservancy parade and inspections when they are in the middle of supporting Ops where lives are on the line.  
  10. Stick_Knave, I don't really want to get in a pi**ing match over this.  The Oxted unofficial Fire Service website may well think its a great idea to post that sort of photo on their website, its not for me to say (although I dare say if I was their chief fire officer I would be prett pi**ed off with the web author), I know and have seen across the internet much worse.  However that is not my problem, the levels of decency specifically within the Int Corps Board is.  Sorry to appear to be the party pooper but quite frankly I couldn't care a less whether there is a corpse in the photo, or whether you have an issue with your alledged handler or the Int Corps per se.  

    Keep it clean, keep it decent and it can stay.... other wise it goes...simple.
  11. One of those retainers at Oxted is a paramedic in our ambulance service. And have done a night shift at Godstone with him!!
    So whats with the retainers at Oxted?

    Oxted is a small insignificant town in Surrey.
    Its only claim to fame is that Mohamed El Fayed lives near by, off Barrow Green Road.
  12. Guys & Gals,

    Please get back to the subject in hand.  I don't really care about photos that should or should not be on this board, but I am trying to raise a serious debate on the issue.

    In response, to the reply about the Masons, it is perceived that there are a lot of them in the Corps but whether they have any influence or not is questionable.  I know of a number of Masons within the Corps and it doesn't seem to help them or hinder them.
  13. Timed promotion, so personality and profesionalism count for nothing, otherwise some of the total fcukwits wouldnt have even made lance jack.
  14. I don't think that individual merit and capability can have any bearing on this either then? Like the RMPs we probably don't need 2048's either :(

    We are not the only capbadge to have its share of fcukwits and, like yours, its share of shirtlifters as well.

    There are a number of capbadges that have written more books than ours, so whats with your fixation?

    Perhaps you are in need of some professional counselling??

    PM me and I'll give you the number of an excellent speciallist in Tidworth.
  15. I was a TFi completed trg and then had DV witheld; I would be deeply appreciative of any Mason contacts who could help be back to the Corp's. With only a few years left to do I am a traitor to one Corps and not able to be employed by another. Result? One very unhappy marking tim very loyal soldier :cry: