Personality Brief

Was tasked by my OC recently with writing my personality brief.

Thinking this meant dates commissioned, Units, Ops & major exercises, and a few lines as to what I like to do when given a spare five minutes I happily obliged.

Now I've been told by Charlie Oscar that it needs to be more complete.

I'm sure he doesn't want to know that I dislike tomatoes and have strange dreams about the kids TV program The Moomins.

Has anyone any suggestions?
hobbies, interests, views/opinions on current affairs, political stance, sports you play, teams you support. just throw in any old bollocks, as long it construes to over 4 pages you're fine, the CO will get bored after 2 and leave it.
Just had to complete one for our new CO was a one pager, and sounded as dull as dish water
django_strikes said:
If you have been asked to complete one, surely they have a template in mind? uniformity...
Can email you one if you want
Are you due a Confidential Report?

I’d suggest the lazy sod of an OC can’t be bothered to stir his own “grey-matter”. He will simply “top-and-tail” whatever you write, and re-present it as though it was his own work!

Conversely, you may have failed to make any kind of impression on him, and to save his embarrassment of not knowing one of his junior officers, he is now giving you the opportunity to fill-in some of the “blanks”.

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