Chaps & Chapesses,

I have just had to remove an extremely good thread on the CRs which had a lot of valuable information in it. I was asked to remove it by the original poster, as his problem had been solved. To be honest I was not happy about removing it because it had a lot of useful information in it. In future if you have got a live burning issue which has wider use can you please post your issue in such a way as to not identify units/individuals. This may seem like a great big get out clause, but to be honest it will mean that the information will remain on the board and could be utilised for longer by a wider audience.

If however you feel you must name and shame, there are some rules:

1. Make sure you have your facts water tight right.
2. Prepare for the individual consequences.

Any chance of the author resubmitting in such a manner as to maintain anonymity? Can't you ask em? If it was of use to the Corps in general surely there must be some gems in there even if watered down.
hi, where did the thread about should men be allowed in the army go please? If your going to remove it then you should remove the offensive "should women be allowed in the army" thread aswell
:D Beerkeg,

Have you never heard of Banter ? I'm at a loss why we bother with the army nowadays as banter seems to be illegal as well now !!!! Why dont we all join the sally army and be righteous !!!!

By the beerkeg have you spying on my little tadger in the showers again !! :twisted:
well said batman, its all in good humour and should be left to run its course
:D I doubt you do Beerkeg but in the name of fairness I agree with you that if the man thread is removed then so should the female however in the name of free speech which this site is supposed to be then am a tadge dissappointed that both threads were removed.

Anyhow back to the banter !!!!! :twisted:
The threads have been removed because they have nothing to do with R SIGNALS, Signals in general or anything else to do with Signals. If you want to clutter this site up with utter cr@p then please feel free to do so in the Naafi...else it will be deleted or moved.
why can't we start up a 'joy division', i know it was a nazi idea, but a good one none the less.
that would give the chicks something to complain beerkeg :D
Sorry, I just want my name to be at the top of the page, sad i know, but thats what i want to do, love to you all..
carpetsfm7sr94champs said:
Sorry, I just want my name to be at the top of the page, sad i know, but thats what i want to do, love to you all..
I can understand that mate.....
Thats just childish,

oh hang on, i think i like it too!

nope, childish.
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