Personalised number plate - R3 SAS

I will swop you my Private Plate for yours.....R3 SAS looks better than 4 COF...xx

Bit dodgy putting your Phone details on here, it doesn't take the Brains of an
Archbishop to think of a better way to contact you...........PM, maybe?
My number plate is : AN41 FUN

I keep gettin accosted at junctions in London; not by those squeggie cnuts, but by Freddie Mercury lookalikes licking the windscreen

Help, I'm confused :|
For sale. A personalised number plate registration number R3 SAS. £1200 ono. Contact Cpl xxx xxxx on xxxxx xxxx or xxxxxxxxxxx
Have you really got a number plate for sale, or do you just want loads of dirty phone calls ?? :nod:
Who the **** is called R3 or SAS? Surely one of 'Them' wouldnt put it on their car even if they had it. Also if it is personal (to you i assume) why try and sell it? Do you take phone calls on subjects other than number plates?
We need pics Jen. And never mind the number plate.
938354428 or 07875966431.
Feck i thought those numbers were JenHens bank details.
Listed so the buyer could deposit vast sums of money into it?

Or have i got it wrong?
Baron Castleshort is deep under cover at the moment and out of radio contact (staff at KFC can't use their mobiles at work).

However, via one of the IBA dead letter drops, he asks if Jan would swap her SAS number plate for a Papal Knighthood and a set of special forces para wings.

Alternatively, Jan might like to contact the airline called SAS which probably has more cash than everybody on ARRSE combined.


Book Reviewer
Please, Please tell me this isn't a serious post!

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