Personalised e-Christmas Cards to help H4H. Two quid a pop.


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Had it with scrawling cheery messages of Christmas good will to people you never really liked? Let H4H take the strain.

For two pounds donated to

Paypal: info @

HSBC: Holidays4heroes

Sort code: 40:12:09
Account no: 41416081

You get a personalised e-Christmas card from a big selection. You can email them to as many people as you want. Heres how it works...


Except at the end, instead of the ARRSE message, it can say whatever you want (no sweary words - I tried - theres a filter).

Heres the list of available cards *Another linky*

Yes, its a bit cutsey cute. But kids and birds love these things.

And no, there is not a secret button that makes the white dog sodomise the black dog.

So, simply pay your £2 to H4H, marked 'Card' on the above links, then PM me here with the name of your chosen card and the words you want put at the end. I'll post the link back, or send it to an email addy if you prefer. You can then paste the link into your emails.

Have a Christmas. And help some other people have a Christmas.


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A big thank you to the three people who have subscribed to our lovely Christmas offer. Thats six quid. That'll buy two tins of Cadburys Assortments.

For the rest? Well, no sweat, eh? After all, the Curse Of TheIronDuke is just a myth. A tall tale to scare children on dark winters nights.

It doesnt mean you should look behind you when you are in front of a mirror in the dark. That is not a hissing sound all around you. It is just the wind in the trees. Straights.

Two quid.


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auscam said:
You might do better if you allowed the swearing and sodomising after all. No mention of sheds either, I notice.
Auscam, you know I love you like a brother? But sometimes I dispair of you. I really do.

This thread is all about flogging stuff to birds and nice people. It has nothing to do with swearing, sodomy or structures.

Two quid people. If you cant afford it, ask us for a sub.


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Ah hah. OK.

All mention of flogging, birds, nice people, swearing, sodomy or structures have suddenly been removed from this thread?

Thats OK my friend. Fill your boots. On you go.

Two quid. You'll get bored with this before we do. And we know where you live.

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