Personalised Bergans

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by matthewtune, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. Hello there, just a quick one.

    Does anybody know of anywhere faily local to the Hull area that will do add on's to bergans? ie get some extra pouches sown onto it.

    Or anywhere in catterick garrison, and a rough estimate of the price.


  2. Jay Jays in brecon, £115 off the shelf for a short back £125 for full back.

    He bangs 3 - 4 utilites along the front where the gay pouch you normally ram your entrenching tool is (he rips it off) and also puts a stuff pouch along the top of them which allows you to ram your softie and shite into.

    Jay Jays Brecon:


  3. P.S:

    He does next day delivery for £7.50 too.
  4. For a moment ther I thought this was a procurement thread from someone that has seen the lovely RAF Daysack.................

    Oh well back to snoozing til lunch.
  5. cannot recommend Jay Jays highly enough.
    They are extremely good
  6. if you already have a bergan & can get hold of some utility pouches, take them to a local cobbler, he may be able to sew them on the back of the bergan.
    he may be able to put on extra straps etc too.

    the cobbler in Barry high street, south wales out utility pouches on the back of my berghaus roc bergan. means you can find & pack small stuff to hand easier.
  7. Any chance you could put a picture of the modified bergan on here please.
  8. Why not get one of these?
    £150 without side pouches or £210 with three plus yoke, £15 courier delivery
  9. How much for the orange cat chair? :wink:
  10. It would break my daughters' heart to sell that. How much you offering? :D
  11. Swap a web-tex patrol pak (only used once) for it.
    Slight bit of damage - burst zip in the top flap, burst strap and two neat puncture marks at the base caused by a 351 battery.
    Hence the only used once. :cry:
  12. Naahhhh, got one of them already, shoulder straps fell off when i put my lunch box in it. :D
  13. quite possibly the worst daysack i've ever owned, had to spend the same again and more, and buy a softy rocket pak which has been brilliant, so far.

    buy cheap,buy twice
  14. What really pis*es me off are the retailers who sell that sh*t as issue kit just so they can mark it up at 100%. Although it was a very heavy lunch box :D
  15. echo that completely, I bought it just as I was about to leave cadets. When I tried to take it back I had performed illegal mods to it
    ( cutting some stitching on the cloth material that runs vertically down the front of the bergan so I could thread bungees through it.)
    and the shop told me to jo the toff.