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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ordinaryforces, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. at the risk of boring you all and coming across as a gobby newcomer,please bear with me on this as you could all benefit in the long run. when i was issued a weapon it was the SLR complete with mahogany furnishing and optional extras,now this friggin thing weighed about 11lbs loaded,this got me thinking along the lines of,hold on i,m hardly going to use this to actually kill anyone(after all im ordinary forces)this thing an me is only going to be in each others company for drill, guard duties, and the occasional shot on the ranges,so i got to thinking about having a alternative weapon, after much thought i came up with the DIANA 177clb air rifle,stay with me on this one lads, thinking of the plusses and minuses of both weapons,SLRplus points no.1 is that it will stop a charging rhino,errm cant think of another, now the DIANA, no1 negligent discharge,whos going to know?, no2 loss of ammo, easy just nip to sport shop and buy another tinful,no3 onparade most members of the public would,nt notice anyway,right heres where you benefit,all non combatant rifles could be sold to some dago country and the proceeds could be ploughed into the naafi bars,job done,
    also there is a recreational bonus,when you come into barracks at night hammered,you can fire dried raisins at each other,trust me it works, can anyone think of any fors or against for this
  2. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    aaaand breath...
  3. You loon. Have you been on the cider?

    Gat gun. Calibre .177, but loaded with darts with feathers on the end twas the menace of the neighbourhood.... jumpers for goalposts etc etc :lol:
  4. This idea is a winner for one simple reason - no more fcuking carbon on gas parts.
  5. Wah?
  6. OF do you have dementia? Fruitbat.
  7. webbly tempest 177cal

    easy to hide and hurts like a son of a biatch!!

    does squirrels good too

    but talking real guns id go for a two berretas.(ideal for chav hunting)

    but really why airguns?a catapult probably does more damage to your mates

    unless you get this beast

    id love to dial this baby up and sniper the airsoft girlys and watch the expressions...(i can just imagine lying prone in the bushes above an airsoft meet and enjoying myself for hours)
  8. I would choose (Austrian Accent), an Uzi 9mm. :lol:
  9. Lets go all the way by issuing clothes peg cross bows, the scourge of my class room back in the early 70's.
  10. Wait - this is brilliant! Rifle sized sekadin guns! then we can all walt it up as Airsofters. We can hang around in pubs telling all and sundry about the time we were up against BB and Stirling mob, plastic pellets coming in like hail stones, fat mong gits to the left of us, fat mong gits to right and nothing but five silver little balls between us and .....well nothing really. They were just gits.
  11. my personal weapon would have been ...........a battle group minimum, ok I am old it was a task force in the days
  12. No gentleman would contemplate going into battle with anything other than a brace of Holland and Holland shotguns, and a manservant to load them.
  13. :D Spud gun, or cork gun used in fair grounds. :D Lomg bow very good and no noisy. :D
  14. It's either got to be a bike chain or a ICBM
  15. 40/60 Bofors