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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by OldGrumpy, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. Hi all

    Due to my business slowing right down.. I have looked at completing a Diploma as a Personal Trainer with a view to changing careers and helping me to keep fit etc..

    Has anybody out there completed one of these and if so how is it working..? the cost of the course is between £2000 and £2500 and before I saddle myself with more debt I wondered if anybody out there could/ would give me their opinion..

    If this has been put in the wrong section.. apologies..
  2. You must really fancy yourself to want to do a job like that. get a real job you dirty hat
  3. want to do it before my tan fades and I still have hair to gel!!!
  4. It can be a very good earner, but whilst starting out it's not great, be prepared to work early mornings and late nights to build up your client list. Are you thinking of working independently or for a health club such as Virgin?

    Virgin I know charge clients £30ish (deepends on package) for PT sessions with the PT getting £12/£16/£18 depending on your level/experiance. Virgin also require you to complete their inhouse PT training. That may differ depending on what region you work in, I worked in the midlands area afew years ago and thats how it was then. Might be a cheaper option to do your level 2 course then get on an inhouse scheme with a big company, but to 'sell yourself' to costomers having as many quals and courses under your belt is gonna be a massive advantage.

    PM me if you want any other info RE. Virgin, not sure on the other big companies
  5. Nesbit216, I'm sure you've already been outed as a walt and that you haven't even served with 216. I cant't be arsed to find the threads but sure someone else will. You are a true internet hardman.

  6. a wee bit rich coming henno garvey lol
  7. Thanks Smash for the info..

    My idea was to get the Level 2 as part of the diploma (it's cheaper that way overall) and try and get some work with BMF.. i do not want to work for a gym, unless it is to gain experience and to build up a client bank..the bigger health clubs tend to be in Manchester which is a 60 mile return run for me.. cost etc etc..

    i was hoping that by running adverts etc to do it as a one 2 one client trainer and even specialising with older perons...

    my wife is supproting me, however trying to justify the 2k cost is difficult.. esp in these times..
    regards OG
  8. Be prepared for long and odd hours. I generally work from 6 in the morning til about 10, have a couple of hours off and then 5 til about 9 in the evening.

    BMF are great to work for and the company will only get bigger. Its taken me a year to build a reasonable client base. I started in a gym but the pay is crappy and you are sh$t on. You can make a good living but it takes time. Luckily my missus could subsidise me for the first 6 months til I broke even.
  9. NASM through are probably the best one in the UK market.

    I've spent the last 8 years working in the industry since leaving Bn, and although I no longer work on the fitness side, you're pretty much guaranteed a job once qualified through them... it's widely recognised across the international market too.

    Do think very carefully about taking the steps into PT though fella. Although it seems glamourous, it involves a lot of hours, and the competition is fierce. Their isn't great money to be earned unless you get to very top of your profession.

    A decent PT in London would probably be looking at Year One earnings up sub-20k, year two approx £25k. An average PT: sub £15k.

    Good luck though mate.
  10. I know a couple of personal trainers, and both say exactly the same; the hard part is building up a client base in competition with all the other PT's out there.

    Certainly not an easy option for a career.
  11. Evening

    I have been away for a few days.. thanks for your thoughts.. I have decided to hang fire until the new year, unless I find that there is a reduction in fees etc.. I was hoping the income from the TA would help with the loan payments but hey ho..

    Thanks again for the feedback..

    Regards OG