Personal supplies during training and operations

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Ok, so this will sound like the dumbest question ever to anyone who has been through training or on operations but I have no idea :) When you do your training at an ATR or when you go on operations do you have to buy all of your personal supplies ie. toiletries in advance for that period of time or can you buy things or have things flown over on request?
Puts anti-wah foil hat on ...

There is post for your mum to send you things - it is as reliable as many other things in the Army (i.e. it works unless you are depending on it.) If you are on a base there will be a NAAFI or PX where you can buy stuff.

If you're in the field you have rat-packs with all you'll need in them (probably not).

If you think Afghan goats will be impressed by your aftershave you may have a bit of reality shock inbound.
There is allways a facillity where you can buy things on tour. Prices can be quite inflated for green stuff or electronics. Though toiletries and confectionary fair.
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