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Hi there i've recently applied to go to harrogate afc when I finish school On the application i put down for references my head of year and headmaster they have the forms that the army has sent to them but for some reason even though i asked my headmaster and head of year if it was ok to put them down it has been left to a teacher at school to fill it in i got called to her last week and was told write a personal statement and well im kinda stuck on what Is best to write and what should be included as my recruiter never informed me that a personal statement was needed.
Wow...can hardly read what you just wrote! Ever heard of full stops and sentences?

That regardless, after reading it 3 times ;) best to ask the teacher what s/he expects from you. Probably you'll find that it's a couple of hundred words describing you, what you enjoy, why you want to Harrogate, why you like the army and describing your achievements to date. Don't fret too much though!

On the 485 (school reference) they have a few boxes to fill out just saying what you have achieved at school, ie football team, chess club, school prefect. They also have a remarks box giving their opinion on how you mix with others and your behaviour at school. The reference is sent to your headteacher but is normally completed by your year head or some one who knows you well, it is then up to them how they get that info, so if the teacher wants you to complete a personal statement then do a short one explaining what you have achieved at school and extra curriculum activities you get up to. This reference will be used on interviews and is needed to get a good view on how well you mix, team skills and how you respond to discipline.

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