Personal Security an outdated concept

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by subbsonic, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. The case against the need for personal security seems to be made in Act of Valour
    Secretive SEALs Moonlight as Movie Stars, With Navy's Blessing | Danger Room | coming to a screen near you.

    What do readers think?

    Myself,I will never place my family at risk by revealing my true identity as Captin Peter Skellern of Coram Ring Ballymurphy

    Oh 5h1t!
  2. I have actually lost track of who I am. Which being bipolar is no problem for me really. And I get to claim benefits as an Asian family of 16 with four disabled grandparents and three wives. I LOVE Britain!
  3. The advent of the internet and social media means that most people will put details about themselves on public display or will have information about them put on display. The only safe way of using it, is not to use it.

    I realise that by having no friends, it is easy for me to say that, but I do think it is important to remind all ranks of the dangers of using social media or flagging up their connection to the armed forces. It'll be difficult to eradicate your traces from the web once you realise that you don't want people to find you. Funnily enough, recently murdered scientists in Iran have had their publicly accessible Facebook profiles passed around.

    Anyone looking for a nervous giggle should look themselves up on or for starters.
  4. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    That's you. I really enjoyed the gigs at the Savoy
  5. I was once Aloyicious "Nails" Cunningham - and so was my Para buddy on the same course at that nice cold hutted camp where I was born. At least it was cold in February when I was thrown out in the snow butt naked by the Royal Scots.
  7. I know this lass who's partner is in a certain Scottish Regiment that is sort of related to a coloured timepiece (PERSEC you see, don't want to give it away). She posts loads of things on Facbook about where he is, what he is doing, who he was with, when expected to move locations etc. Presumably it all comes from him so not very good drills by him either.

    I politely pulled her up about it explaining the risks. I got a threat filled e-mail from the chap. For some reason he never replied to my mail when I said it was strange how his partner posted thing about Afghanistan and what a hero he was when his Regiment was currently nice and warm back home in Fort George and were not due to deploy until Herrick 15 and had last been there in 2009.

    I wonder who he is shagging behind her back?
  8. I know it's the Int Cell and all, but shouldn't you be spilling the info to her and then moving in for the clean-up?
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  9. I completely agree that people go over the top about persec.

    So your neighbour is a terrorist and you hang your combats out on the line. And?

    Or you post snaps of incredible derring do on the interweb. So what?

    If I was serious about pulling off a stunt I wouldn't be after Joe Stab and his laundry. Neither would I hunt victims on FB. Who was the last victim of a terrorist hit? The tube, a bus, an aeroplane!

    If you are a bit special then you know who you are and you take precautions. If you're a buckshee stab, junior tom, well, they're gonna find you and get you regardless.

    My 2p.
  10. Well if you look in the car park in front of GCHQ, those from the US over on a 3 year jolly, (sorry secondment). They are allowed and the US government pays for the transportation of their car/truck/4x4 to the UK for the duration.
    So they stick out like a sore thumb. If you see a US car around the Gloucestershire good chance they occupant works for the NSA.
  11. Or the two other places in Gloucestershire that have yanks stationed there...
  12. Ah, it's like Op Gamble and the attempt on Cpl Byles never happened.

    Abu Bakr Mansha who?

  13. In That Place:

    cycling to the office one day and there was a Texan beauty with a truck organising the
    unloading of (I don't know what)

    Says I. 'Can I squeeze past you please?'

    She replied 'You can squeeze anything you like honey' .

    I nearly fell off my bike.
  14. But did you take her up on the offer?

  15. If you where there when they moved everyone to the donut, you would have had a free/subsidised push bike. This was all to do with being environmental, and had nothing to do with building the car park too small to cope with the number of employees.