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I would like to see what the Army in Glasgow hold about me. If I ask for my records, do i see exactly what records the Army have on me or do I see what the people in records want me to see.
Paranoid am I ?

The Army are legally obliged to send you copies of anything held about you on a recognised filing system. This includes your hard copy personnel file,CRs, prints of computer records and any e-mails etc with your name/number on. A proforma is available from your unit Data Protection Officer.

Bear in mind though that Glasgow do not hold everything. ATRA own a system called TAFMIS which has details of any/all training courses you may have attended - but I am not sure of the method of obtaining these records/

Hope that helps

If the Unit doesnt have a Data Protection Officer (It probibly has but even he/she might not know) can I get it from the Admin Office. Dont suppose U know the AFB no.?

Usually it is the Adjt or RAOWO/Chief Clerk who fills the appt of Data Protection Officer. There is no AFB number, as the form is a crappy proforma that Mickey Mouse produced and got a spider to photocopy.

If you can't get hold of the proforma then a letter to 'Disclosures, APC, 65 Brown St, Glasgow G2 8EX' will suffice. They will need your number, rank, name etc obviously, and a description of what documents you require (ie CRs, pay records, everything).


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