Personal Radio Query Afghanistan

I am shortly to deploy to Afghanistan.
Can anyone tell me what personal radio I should take i.e. would a DAB radio work over there? Or, am I better off with a FM radio?

I've always took one of the solar and wind up ones you can get from Millets. Done me well in both tours, with the bonus of not having to rely on batteries all the time.
I got one out there. Just blag one of the freebies off of BFBS, or one of the battery/solar powered ones from the CIMIC/MACE iso...........(not that I could possibly condone the later).
old fashioned one not ure of any dab facilites at the moment.
Take a world band one (SW) and you can get the world service too.
I used a Sony SW (and the vehicle fit Codan) in Afghanistan in the '90s and could get world service there. But I have the sneaking suspicion that World Service cut back on their SW transmissions (I may be wrong). Sony used to produce a very handy booklet of SW transmissions around the world - don't know if they still do.

As an aside, the Taliban used to jam the frequencies when the news came on, but only after the headlines had been read out. Duty rumour at the time was that the Iranians were helping them do so.
Depending where you are, you can get BFBS 1 and 2 on FM. BFBS 2 rebro's a lot of R4 and R5 so at least you can keep up with the news.

I'd guess that there will be DAB in Afghanistan sometime next century.

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