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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SparkySteve, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. Am i the only one struggling with work and general tiredness to keep on top of my fitness? I've got a load in tonight and feel great for it, but its the first time in absolute ages that i've felt that i have had the energy for it!
    Is it just a case of me needing to change my mindset and just fcuking do it every other day like i should?
    No im not a pie-eater.
    Absolutely not.
    Not even peppered steak pie from the work canteen.
    Not twice a day, anyway!
  2. A good nights sleep and sensible nutrition will work wonders.

    If it's a drag then go back to basics and work up from there - press ups/sit ups before a shower, a good run 2/3 times a week.

    If you meet up with a buddy before your TA drill night to go for a run, you only need to do another two runs a week to keep on top of your fitness. You WILL feel better for it.

    To add a small incentive, some regiments/battalions offer a 1/4 MTD a week to offset gym membership/Other physical trg, which sounds small but over the year gets you another 13 MTDs.

    Well, good on ya for getting out there, it'll definitely get easier to motivate yourself to do your own phys, it'll take time and a bit of effort, but well worth it.

    .... so in answer to your question, it's a mindset thing (but there are things you can do to make things easier for yourself)
  3. I see where you are coming from mate not a good time of year for motivation either, look outside and its pi$$ing down with rain and gale force winds you do have to dig deep to get the trainers on after a days graft.
  4. I appear to be one of the strange breed that actually prefer this weather to run in. Better to be cooled down on the move than cooked to a frazzle.
  5. I'd be the same; I prefer running in Autumn/Winter. The dark's not a problem, and the cold isn't a big problem with a warm base layer & a pair of gloves. Coaxing the turtle out of the shell after the run can be a bit of a struggle though :wink:
  6. To fit my phys in I get up an hour earlier and go for a run. Personally I actualy find I have more energy for a days work after a morning run.

    Just make sure you get your kit ready the night before or you will never get up!
  7. I find that too when I cycle into work rather than when I've driven in and been yelling abuse at stationary traffic.
  8. For a while after Mini-Me 2 came along, finding time for phys was a problem. Now I fit in an hour's worth after settling Mini-Me 1 back to sleep when she wakes up at 2am. So my routine goes:

    2000 Home from work. Eat, read bills/death threats. Mini-Me 2 already asleep.
    2100 Put Mini-Me 1 to bed.
    2130 "Be intamit with" (per Homer Simpson) Mrs Evil (ie, switch ears to receive, brain to standby/Scarlett J slideshow).
    2300 Go onto arrse.
    0000 Watch half of something good but already started on TV, then half of an episode of House Doctor or something equally pants / read.
    0100 Go to bed.
    0115 Get woken up by Mini-Me 2.
    0130 Go to bed again.
    0200 Get woken up by Mini-Me 1. Do an hour's phys.
    0300 Go to bed again.
    0315 Get woken up by Mini-Me 2.
    0330 Go to bed again.
    0500 Get woken up by Mini-Me 1.
    0530 Go to bed again.
    0700 Get up. Help Mrs Evil get Mini-Mes ready.
    0830 Drop Mini-Me 1 to school.
    0900 - 1930 Work.

    I'm so bollixed I can see through time ...
  9. As others have said, its about time management and self discipline. I get into work an hour early and do my phys then (at the Gym across the road). I find that a good night sleep works wonders. Also all the crap goes out of your life - less telly - not that there's much on anyway.

    It is difficult when its dark and you have to leave a warm bed, but if you want it that much you'll do it.
  10. The way I organised this sort of problem is I think a workable idea for Dr_Evil and maybe other people as well.

    I made a deal with the missus so that apart from the evenings I'm away doing army stuff I get one night a week free from the children/missus/household/etcetera. On that evening I can do some training, actually watch a complete episode of something on the telly or go see a mate.

    The missus gets another night to bore me with endless Dr Phill shows, have a friend over or just hang around.

    I blackmailed myself with the daily fitness stuff of pushups and situps by putting a sheet of paper with my schedule on the kitchen door. Where my wife can read what I've done. So if I put down that I've done 45 pushups three nights in a row, she'll 'help' me by counting them off the next night...
    As you will understand I've used my own vanities and Mrs Kayes evil character against myself here :x

    It works out very nicely!


  11. I rate hill reps (the smaller the hill the more reps) and being incapable of getting up in the morning hats off to anyone who can train early, or in the middle of the night!
  12. I'll be in that strange breed with you mate, I hate trainning in the warmer months, infact, I really fcukin despise it, especially in the middle of summer. Give me a 6 am run in the dark, windy and rainy December mornings anyday.

    Wrap up, ipod on and your away, I find it cosy as fcuk :lol:
  13. 1x Canterbury Base Layer
    1x Trackie Bottoms
    1x Ipod
    1x Kooga Undershort Base Layer thing to avoid chaffage
    1x T-Shirt

    Off I go!
  14. Running in the cold is better than in the heat and running in the rain is great. It's just the dark at this time of year that's a killer for me. Forces me off of my muddy tracks on to the road (unless I want a branch in the eye at speed). And road running is boring and bad for the joints.
  15. Not to mention all the bother dodging the traffic!