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While watching a TV show, in which a ship was named and launched, I was reminded that when I was a canoeist (K1 slalom) I named all my kayaks by pouring a bottle of Babycham (look it up on Google) over the bow. My boats were all named Miss something, Miss Take, Miss Triss, Miss Adventure, etc. and all had the missive 'If you can read this please turn over' written on the bottom.

Another tradition in my family was started by a girlfriend. She bought a new car and on receipt of aforesaid car, painted 24 small, black squares on the sill below the driver's door. Then, every month after she'd made the HP payment, she'd carefully paint over one black square with paint that matched the car. She said it was just to remind her how much of the car was hers and how much was the HP company's.

Does anyone else have any odd, funny or useful traditions?
My family has a tradition that whenever alcohol is consumed (especially at a wedding) one of my cousins will make a right tit of himself by assaulting his brother's father in law.

Which is nice.


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My Dad called all his sows Lucy to avoid any confusion. He boiled there dead babies up in the swill.

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If I had my time again, I'd call every family member Max - boys and girls. Largely so we could drive on one drivers license, collect one set of airmiles, one Sky Account, one medical insurance etc.
My tribe (on my Mum's side) have a tradition of carking it before they've got to 70. In some cases WELL before that.

And it's not due, in any circumstance, to hereditary alcohol abuse, right.......?

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