Personal offshore company, for self employment and other uses. Advice, anyone?


I'm interested in acquiring an off-the-shelf offshore company, and wondered if any of our Arrse tycoons had any particular recommendations, or can share their advice about using such an entity?

I have a number of uses in mind for the entity:

1. I'm probably going to have to do some self-employed interim management, and thus will inevitably have to set up at least a UK limited company. Although I'll be initially working and invoicing in UK, the medium term aim is to get the heck out of Dodge and move/work overseas asap. It would be handy not to have to wind up a UK entity, but simply use the continuity of an offshore entity;

2. In the medium term, I want to start a business in Russia. The optimum way to do this happens to be to open a "representative office" or "branch office" of an overseas entity (more flexibility and exchange-movement freedom than using a local "Ltd" company);

3. I wish to place an asset (my old man's Spanish house) into a non-Spanish entity for estate planning purposes - this provides a cleaner solution to the hellish Spanish personal inheritance laws (or lack of...).

I'm not at the tycoon end of the wealth scale, so was really interested in hearing about any reasonably economical "packages" that anyone has come across or uses themselves - i.e. an off-the-shelf with the option of local administration & host country tax returns, etc.

Any ideas, or will this thread produce the deafening silence that most of my missives generate....?


Bump. None of our City types or expat workers/retirees using an offshore company for legitimate purposes then?
What sort of company would benefit me, who works full-time in normal circumstances, but does the odd bit of private work (£50 here and there, maybe £100 here and there) but needs to keep it recorded for professional purposes
A short holiday in the Isle of Man might provide you with some good info


You might want to consider putting the spanish property into a SIPP, as long as you were not using it for personal use. You'd need to take advice on this.

Lived in Spain for twelve years. The tax guys there are very cute and you have to watch them becuase be assured they will be watching you.Try loggin on to Costa Blanca News there are some people on there who can give you a bit of background. I am out of touch ant they keep changing the laws on offshore and shell companies

They are very quick to seize property too if they feel like it so be very careful.Remember in Spain there are National Laws, Regional Laws and Municipal Laws so you have to take account of all three

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