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Bit of a different one here, does anyone have a comprehensive list of the items you would get issued on your record when enlisting in TA, ITC, RMAS etc?

I'm with troopie here, besides if people are'nt happy with the specific 'issued' kit given there's plenty of Gucci suppliers available,

besides is the search function broke? I'm sure arrsepedia has some form of a 1157 in there somewhere to assist.

or you could speak to your TA QM for an updated list?
This is true of what Troopie says, you do get all the kit you need and won't really want for anything... but sooner or later you'll see someone with something that looks the sh*t (even though it might be sh*t, especially with regards to webtex), you'll than develop whats known as "gucci syndrome", a desire of splash your hard earned penance on stuff you don't need, like assault vests.

This can be justified for a good pair of boots, because you can justify 100% use out of them, but some assault vests I've seen really are cr@p and eventually you'll stick to the PLCE depending on your exercise or current deployment.

Small things you'll like to adjust, like myself, bought an extra utility pouch to replace my entrenching tool pouch, small things
Ask your QM for a copy of your 1157.

I used the excuse of wanting to hand my lightweights back in and wanted to jog my memory if any other cr@p is filling up my spare room which has never been out of its packing (green shirts, fawn shirts, issue wooly pully, white collarless shirt) all of which I had forgotten I had.

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