Personal Issue Kit - Iraq.


If rumours are correct I may be packing my bags soon.

Advice please from them in the know.

Any items of personal kit worth laying your hands on prior to sandy holidays, Jan to May time.


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Good Fleece, Softie, Goretex, usual stuff. A few treats, like decent tea or real coffee if you like that sort of thing. Get your Unit to organise the comfy boxes, put all your spare socks, pants, etc in there.

Also - lots of books - world shortage out here.
a pillow books dvds decent flip flops cos if you got big feet the efi wont be able to help black boot polish if taking pro boots cos again no one thought we would be wearing black boots
A mat for next to your pit - when it starts to get hot again there's sand everywhere. Decent sun screen and after sun, plenty of books and dvd's and loads of t-shirts and a decent camelbak - pretty much anything you think would make your deployment more comfortable. I also took my softie and fleece liner - bloody needed it some nights, it gets cold!!
Desert boots - at least try to get some. The black boot wearers suffer when it is not cold nights.
Decent goggles (motorcross etc - quite cheap) for those cheeky sandstorms.

And any other kit we're supposed to be issued that we can't get!
should be issused goggles and camel bac . Medics were telling us not to use them round camp particular sheiba as unhygenic .mouth piece gets contaminated by flies ok on patrol though stick pipe into pocket . Infomation given to me while doing impersnation of the living dead in field hospitial so guess they were right :lol: .
dont know where you going but some parts of iraq very marshy and some days very wet so both types boots needed . string and black &nasty
seem to be difficult to come by probably lec got allof it .
A neoprene mouthpiece cover is available from outdoor goods shops for Camelbak etc. - it fits round the tubing and just stretches over the mouthpiece. Simple and reasonably cheap. I used one on Saif Sareea and it worked very well.


ViroBono said:
A neoprene mouthpiece cover is available from outdoor goods shops for Camelbak etc. - it fits round the tubing and just stretches over the mouthpiece. Simple and reasonably cheap. I used one on Saif Sareea and it worked very well.
Camelbaks are not worth buying- I found all they did was heat the water to boiling point and then get chucked under your cot- there is plenty of bottled stuff around plus drinks dispensers everywhere in the hospital. Plus it will only start getting really hot (110+) after May.
camelbac definatly not worth buying as issused as are goggles if going to basra palace fishing gear worth packing :D


go to sofmilitary for good priced gucci kit, does some top bollok gucci desert sh!te. Ha Ha enjoy the dust
If you are deploying, you should be issued with much the same as I have: ie.

desert boots (most are getting hitech)
socks (coolmax type)
desert combats
field jacket
mozzy net
floppy hat
helmet cover
brown t shirts
sunglasses (very geeky ones!)
sweat rags
face veil (but I still bought a shemagh)
ski goggles
wash bags (to send laundry away)
thermal mug
black daysack
black grip (that tuns into a bergan - excellent bit of kit)
softee jacket and trousers

The bottom line is - try and get the kit throught the QMs or you might end up more kit than you need at your own expense. If you are out and about, it is worth getting hold of an assault vest (pricey) or a chest rig, it is much more comfortable in vehicles than standard webbing. Other advice I've had - take loads of books, personal CD player and a good selection of CDs. Take black boots for when it rains - apparently there are places that just turn into a quagmire after a downpour and dessie boots just don't keep the feet dry, so a gortex jacket comes in handy as well. Gloves - it can get cold at night especially if you are out on the ground. I'll post any more advice as and when I get it.
definatly pack waterproofs warm kit when it rains it rains and night get chilly also jungle sleeping bag you get issused not really warm enough
some nights take proper one unless you want to end up sleeping in your softie suit
Cheers people, tis confirmed I’m sandy bound in Mid Jan.

Discovered as Oracle has said, most of the kit is issued via Chilwell.

As for the goggles, an extra pair is always useful in my line of work as thats what they want me fore.

Anyone know what mobile network works around Basra area.
Vodafone definitely does, depending on the power cuts.

Also take your own solar shower. I can't believe no-one has mentioned that yet. Also baby wipes - they are great. Try and get your own boots, the army ones fall apart, on another thread I said that I got mine from Stead and Simpson - £20 - they lasted longer than the army ones. Depending where you are going in the Basrah area, you may get a proper bed - take sheets and pillows etc. The mat for the side of your bed is a good idea. Lip salve too. And air fresheners if you are in Basrah, the Shatt al Arab is fairly potent.
Just take your rifle and webbing, like normal soldiers do. Oh sorry you're a nurse. poof!

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