To cut a long story short my brother in law was splashed by an irritant chemical whilst loading. His company should not have been moving these "empty" drums and the company that was storing and loading them should not have been storing or handling them.
Off sick for weeks and due his LGV medical - at this point he had no idea of damage and he failed the eyetest with his GP.
He could not drive LGV again and it was only when he was referred by solicitors to see their eye specialists and the opposing legal team specialists the full extent of the damage was realised. English firm passed over case to Scottish firm at this time and in my opinion the case went to rats shit.
The original accident was not recorded in the accident book, RIDDOR was not done to HSE. No investigation by HSE or prosecutions for handling hazardous goods etc. He wasn't aware of load and dangers and has NEVER been issued PPE.
He was then informed the third party that caused the accident would not be pursued and they put all of their legal eggs in one basket (the eye damage).
Prior to the full pre action meeting he met his full legal team incl Barristers and there were no utterences of problems. The week after (funnily enough after lunch!!) they all sat down and in minutes the opposing legal team produced evidence that he lost his licence because he failed the eyesight test when he seen his GP for the LGV medical. His legal team then never asked for an adjournment, disputed the evidence and frightened him with the possiblity he could lose a full court hearin, get zilch and be liable for legal costs. He cut and run.
I have written to the solicitors that represented him and outlined all of their failures and asked why this outcome occurred. (4 page letter) and advised the SLCC (Legal Complaints Commision) that I have written to the firms Client Relationship Partner and if unhappy with his findings, I will submit their complaint form.
What else can I do? Who can we get to represent his interests as I feel that these "solicitors/barristers" have not fulfilled their responsibilities to their client and breached their code of conduct. The law firm show they are members of Assoc of Personal Injuries (APIL) but I carried out a search with their post code and have no partners nor their firm accredited.

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