Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Talking_Tree, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. Troops have been buying their own kit for years, but is that right? Should,nt the system provide? Why is it not supplying the kit troops want / need? Many soldiers on operations, seen on news articles, are often wearing / using kit from "Silvermans", HM SUpplies", and others, It is admirable proffesionalism that a soldier cares so much that he enhances his / her performance by privately purchasing equipment. Troops should be allowed to submit the reciepts as legitimate business expences......
  2. I take your point, but to quote Harold Macmillan, "You've never had it so good"
    The current kit issue really is more than adequate, if individuals wish to supplement it according to their individual tastes and preferences, it should be out of their own pocket, not the taxpayers.
    Ever since Knobbus Maximus of the IX Legion received comfort packages from home of extra socks to wear with his sandals, soldiers have been privately sourcing those little extras to make life a little comfier.
    Lets face it, if you dont spend your dosh on gucci gizzits, you'd only blow it on beer, tabs and dorty lasses! :wink:
  3. Back in the 80s it was getting silly quite often the only issuse kit people were going into the field was cap badges and weapons everything else
    was private purchase.Now its not so bad .Tax allowance would be good
    espically for those you must buy items stable belts regi t shirts etc.
  4. Don't the US give soldiers a kit allowance and have their uniforms for sale in the base shops? US soldiers I met said if they didn't need new kit they got to keep the money.
  5. agreed but lads should not be buying the basics for ops & exercise......................................................................should they :?: :?: :?: :?:
  6. The US soldiers get a kit allowance and have to buy there replacement kit. However they can only buy and wear the "issued" kit.
  7. Agreed that they can only wear there issued kit but most of its the stuff that we all buy. have you ever been in an MCS its like an Alladins cave! and its all cheap (unlike silvermans etc) :)
  8. I wouldn't like to pass comment on the personal equipment that the Americans use having never experienced it first hand. However I think the personal equipment we get issued now is extremely good. If there was an unlimited pot of gold we could have a gold plated solution to the equpment we get issued, but we don't and when reality strikes there is a budget to stick to and what we get is very good.
  9. I remember chatting to sopme septics about this concept in Bosnia years ago, they were confused becuase a bag of washing had been stolen from the dhobi and they said "What if it doesn't fit ?" not understanding our exchange system.

    They then told me about their system of alowance stating they had to by the uniforms from the PX shop, but they pointed out 2 things

    1. If they don't need new uniform, they pocketted the money
    2. They could by kit useful for role, so if they spent a lot of time in the field they could get extra trousers and jackets whilst a desk wallah wouldn't bother with too much field kit but buy "light kit" (not sure what a US mil clerk wears), if they spend a lot of time in the desert, desert kit, in the thundra regions big warm coats, that sort of thing. Big point they mad was about boots, infantry bods could save up and get danners or equiv, which woulf be overkill to a chef that sort of thing

    There was a flaw to the system, soldiers with poor standards (or using the allowance as beer tokens) would often end up with rag order kit they should of disposed of yonks ago, I worked with a young paratrooper Sgt and a much older EOD First Sgt, the young buc Paratrooper had shiny shiny jump boots and brand new kit whereas the EOD First Sgt was a little tatty around the edges

    BTW this explains why so much yank uniform ends up in surplus stores as they sell them when they replace kit
  10. I was chatting to the main clothing man a Major from the RM in Iraq in 04, he showed us all the new kit, including a rather good sleeping system and said that they were pushing to get an allowance for boots only, as it was the only thing he couldn't get right. Everybody wants different things from their boots and therefore he couldn't find the "golden boots".
    The standard of kit has improved tenfold since I joined up and that has only been 13 years, if you want to go out and buy your own kit these days most of the time its just to try and look good.....
  11. The Royal Marines seem to operate a similiar system, in that they can buy additional issue "kit for cash" from their stores. I understand that JSP 335 (I think) states that this should be available across the board, but I've not heard of it being in use elsewhere.

    It seems quite a useful system, for example a mate in 40Cdo bought himself enough sets of 95's he can wear clean every day for a week in camp without having to do a wash, and it cost him peanuts compared to what it would have cost to buy new unissued 95's from the likes of silvermans.
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Typical Royal! What is wrong with ironing one set on a Sunday and lasting til Friday knock off?

    You'll be telling us he took 4 showers a day next!
  13. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    I went in the shop at Ft Bragg a few years ago....confused the hell out of me. Bought a couple of camouflage kits ( one for army-barmy lad as a prezzie) as the Brit issue paintsticks were so gopping....couple of years later we've started issuing them.

    I think the idea of either a kit allowance or a tax break for people to buy their own is so sensible and obvious that it will take a very long time for the Army to adopt it. You will NEVER stop soldiers from buying their own kit - and why should we try ?

    It took me a L-O-N-G time to realise that the Army will issue you everything you need - but at entry level standard. If you want better quality you'll have to pay for it.

    People take the p1ss out of guys who decide they want " Gucci gear " - but at the end of the day it's mostly about personal comfort...yes, the issue sleeping bag will keep you toasty if you're in the Arctic - but do you really NEED that 3 seasons in UK ? And it is big and bulky.
    A Softee Merlin will set you back about £70, and takes up about a third of the space. Wish I'd bought mine ten years ago.

    HMG can't afford to issue you with one - why not buy your own ? And if you do, why shouldn't you get some kind of incentive.

    ( just don't go anywhere Silverman's - how Soldier magazine have the nuts to keep advertising that bandit is beyond a joke)

    Sounds to me like the US system works. What do they do in Oz ?

    my (REMF) two denarii,

    Lee Shaver
  14. I take the points given in this forum, all are interesting and valid - thank you. It seems that on the whole you guys are getting issued better personal equipment - which is good. However it seems that there is still a requirment to buy certain items, and soldiers should be compnested for that. After all, you are all being paid well below the minimum wage!
  15. So

    What DOES todays squaddie buy to supplement his kit????

    In my day we bought boots (DMS boots leaked worse than the civil service), bivvies (once gortex was invented and utilised) bergans and utility knives.