personal digital assistants

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Nov 30, 2006.

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  1. PDAs.

    anyone got any pukka gen info on these mysterious tools any recommendations or any ones to steer clear of??

    been speaking to a closed audience of people who all reckon that thier own one is as cool as a polar bears cold bits. with various addons such as satnav, laser cannons etc etc
  2. I've got a Dell Axim x50v which does everything i want of it. It has built in bluetooth which allows it to talk to my satnav antenna and wireless lan which lets gives it access to the internet to get mail and software updates. It runs TomTom really well and has outlook and word built in.

    I'm extremely pleased with it, but some advice for purchase would be to clearly define what you want it to do for you and set a budget. Also look at product reviews to see what people are saying about quality of the screen and battery life etc.
  3. I've got a Palm Treo. According to the book it's a telephone and a PDA all in one. According to me it's crap.
  4. I have the HP 1710 which is now ancient.... 2 years old, at least! It's simple, provides a calendar, alarms, spreadsheet, Wordprocessor and several other programs. It is prone to crashing just when I need it!

    Interfaces well with a PC.

    Watch the bolt-ons: you will need a SD Card or similar and a robust case, especially if you are out in the field a lot.

    Battery life isn't too good if you have sat-nav etc and might be an issue if you deploy and cannot easily find a mains supply.

    The latest ones have phones and cameras on board, too!

  5. I have a notebook and pen. Occasionally I have to replace the pen ink, or update the notebook with more paper, but it works a treat
  6. I agree with drain_sniffer plus I think if I pulled out a PDA in some of the places I've worked in, they would have an instant stroke and I'd have JSP 440 launched at my head!
  7. i have a notebook and pen,

    amazingly some people used to have slate to write on!!

    times are changing fast eh?
  8. I have a Dell PDA, was so impressed with it I reverted back to pen and paper!!
  9. I sat in a conference last week, where a number of staff officers were trying to get info down on their PDA's. All of them had to ask for info to be repeated at least twice so that they could "get the data". Having tried to use a PDA, I quickly reverted to pen and paper as it was quicker and more reliable.
  10. I have an HP Ipaq 4000 that i never use. I got it used it for a bit but like a few of the others i had to revert to pen and paper as it really didnt work for me - but then again I always was a dinosaur
  11. I had a Palm but the screen was monochrome and not backlit, so Mrs Jim got me a Dell Axim. Far better, especially with the wireless folding keyboard that you can buy separately.
  12. Both the frau and myself have different palm pda's but i'm not exactly woowed over by them... but they do what we want them to do when we are traveling uber light (tough job for a fat git)
    Top Tip - pencil and paper does the job.
  13. Easy - what do you want to do with your PDA?
  14. Really really need to do your homework on these. Work out as you go about daily task just where you think it might help. Yes - they can be made up of pen and paper but can, for example, pen and paper quickly let you know some 15 to 20 appointments you might have in forthcoming week or so - with notes of things you think of after the making of the appointment with link to telephone nos of those involved? Prior to my retirement I had great need to a pda to keep me organised with much less effort than if I had used pen and paper. Now, I could get by with wet clay and pointy stick.