Personal Development Planning(PDP)

Discussion in 'REME' started by Asuman, Jun 3, 2006.

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  1. Oh joy of joys, the PDP article on page 231 of the latest Crafty is an absolute godsend to all of us here at Graygables. I have taken the liberty of pinning the flowchart on the communal notice-board. Jack and Ethel use it every day to plan their Bus Trips into town and they swear by its usefulness, but I could not possibly comment.
  2. But isnt it a change to the plethora of units decribing their latest tour of sandy areas?
    Personally I always prefer the colourful MCM Div pages....especially when they always tell us just how important the PPP is and how they cant work without it.....funny that as someone I know told them they wanted to remain within the Windsor School catchment area and got (yes, you know whats coming dont you?!) Household Cav in Windsor. Then they had the cheek to tell him (not an officer so they dont give a monkeys) that even though it was a clerical error it was done now and they are sure he'll like it there!!
    Must go as I need to do an article too....any suggestions Asuman?
  3. DeeMee(A)

    How about a 40 page thesis on Counter Revolutionary Revolts (CRR) within the ranks. That should increase the readership!
  4. Only 40 pages Asuman?? I think we could fit in more maybe :)
    I must say I like the way you have given everything abbreviations, I really must have a word with MCM Div and see if I can get that posting to Andover changed!
  5. DeeMee(A)

    Grateful if you dont meddle with my deal with MCM Div. I initially asked to be located near the Gordon Boys School and they posted me to Invergordon in Jockland. As a trade-off to compensate for their error they have given me Andover. I declined Arborfield due to my re-occurring nightmares.
  6. Meddle.....what are you on about.....I dont meddle in anything you know that.
    Tweaking I prefer to call it.
  7. To be serious for a moment is their anybody out there who has drawn up a PDP, and understand what they are doing . It all sounds a little time consuming to me especially as I am now fully converted to DeeMee(A)s drive for Leaness, not only in engineering processes but throughout the Corps, Army, Industry, GB and the World.
  8. Asuman nice to have you on board for my trip....I promise the journey may be dificult at times but the end station will be worth the effort.
  9. PDP! I always encourage my younger bretheren to manage their own careers and ensure they get what they want from their colour service. In most cases they have been relatively sucessfull but not all. I myself have tried on several occasions to effect the fate of my future postings and have somehow always managed to get posted no where near where I want to be. Maybe something to do with a written complaint against one of MCM's finest to the CO MCM and a snotty letter back stating I was not to attmept personal contact again!

  10. Ah, Communication one of DeeMee(A)s pet subjects.
  11. Why yes it is.
  12. Good to see that someone is reading the Craftsman. I'm never sure how many people actually look at all of the articles. Got to say that the PDP could be useful for those looking a little further ahead than the end of the week.
  13. Crikey're in a unit thats looking more than 5 mins ahead!! You're clearly not being worked hard enough at your place...PM me the unit and I'll ensure you receive all the work you need to keep yourselves current and competent!
  14. But how many of us actually do look further than next week?

    Unless you are talking about officers, I envisage an over-whelming majority of folk in our Corps dont plan any further than the next leave period. I'm only now starting to THINK about, (not act on yet), what I'm going to do as a civvie in 3 years. And I know I'm not alone in that, not by any stretch of the imagination. As far as I can see, this is yet another tool for the 'elite' of the Corps to have in their 'Tool-box' (even though most of 'em wouldn't know an actual tool-box if it came up behind them and bit their arrrrse), and to jsutifiy wasting time and energy on it we promote it as something we should all be doing.

    Maybe we should all be doing it, but its MY life and having probably out of date, renamed civvy speak rammed down my throat wont make me change my attitude toward my life and the way I live it. I've done alright and apart from a slight bump in road a couple of years back (those that know me will know what I mean), and I've NEVER subscribed to ANY of this type of carp, I was in amongst Total Quality when it irst reared its ugly mug and I've been in amongst every lame wheel re-invention scheme ever since. Guess what, none of em have ever put more thrucks on the road than leaving the blokes alone to get on with it.

    Yawn, I'm bored now so I'm off for a lie-down, that ought to leave the blokes alone to get on with it for a bit.......
  15. Battsimm

    Dont sit on the fence on this one!