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Im looking for some advice to pass onto a friend as i had no idea how best to help. He is currently a retail manager in a small business. He started off as a shelf stacker in school and stayed on as he liked working there and eventually became the manager. The problem is that all his skills are essentially self taught, pay roll, health and safety, dealing with suppliers etc etc, in that he doesnt have any actual course qualifications. This has made him more than worried that if he has to look for a new job in the future, hopefully not, then he might not be able to prove his skills on CV.

So what is his best move. In the current climate would he be ok in stating his experience in all aspects of the job? Or should he be looking at getting on some courses to give himself extra weight on the job market? If so, could anybody recommend courses or where best to look for them?

If he phones his local College there are 2 options open to him;
1) He could attend classes for 1 afternoon and evening -normally 2-9- for 1 year and obtain a Diploma in Management Studies, or
if he doesn't have time or doesn't want to attend classes he could go down the NVQ route and get an NVQ in Management.
Both are recognised quals. He would have to pay for the DMS himself (unless his employer is keen on sponsoring him) whereas the NVQ could be funded under Train to Gain (that is changing, but money is still available from Govt funding pot)
Maybe a bit late by now, but advice to your "friend" none the less, as someone else in a similar situation may benefit from this.

Your friend is faced with the paradox of being able to do a job, but has a lack of formal qualifications to demonstrate clear competence in these chosen areas.

As stated, gaining an NVQ or other vocational related qualification will clearly demonstrate your friends current or previous standard of competence to any prospective employer, but it will not necessarily teach your friend any new skills. From my experience, many people don't understand the difference between various qualifications offered in the military. E.g. NVQ's will just say you can officially do something to a particular standard, however something like an OU degree will impart knowledge to you, to increase your awarness and depth of understanding on a chosen subject.

Either way, your friend and anybody else leaving the Army in a similar situation will always have to demostrate to a prospective employer that you can actually do the job they want you to do. Recognised qualifications go a long way to this, but if you are lacking the formal quals then each time you apply for a job, you must explain in detail, how you have the necessary skills.

Finding and getting a particular job, just as it's always been, is about convincing the person hiring that you can do the job better than anybody else. How do you do that? You research the company, you research the job description (usually available on request, if not already given), you find out what their current problems are, you find out what their biggest challenges are and you sweep in like Robin Hood giving example after example of how you have succefully dealt with issues like that before.

And if you can't do that then you need more specific experience or a relevant recognised qualification.

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