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Why on earth have the Army given me another door stop I have seen at least 40 other blokes propping open doors with their PDR as to most it would need a trip through history with a hypnotist to complete the last 20 years of service and for the rest they dont care anyway !!! whos idea was it ? must be the RAF or maybe the REME LAD Bored AQMS ????


In Fact is it me or does PDR sound very much like PVR maybe some deaf bloke misheard and made the PDR ????
???You really are a bitter chap. Have you reached your this why you are bitter and anti army ?

You sound like one of the those who really should pick up thy PDR ....... get your dosh and PVR

If you dont like it.......get out

The forces are in enough shit without negative disruptive influences like you on what is  very good web site


Bowman, Bowman, Bowman if you are reading between the lines ! Im sorry but you are definately reading the wrong book ???? I am far from a negative, disruptive influence I have far from reached my ceiling and as for being bitter well thats a joke. The point I am trying to emphasise is that the developement of soldiers is and always has been (by the majority) a task taken seriously by all of those in a position of influence. The PDR has been designed to give soldiers a record of employment and proficiency for when they leave the services ? So this is not a retention implement but a book to fill then debus from the services. Money unwisely spent in my opinion. FACT without my pushing the PDR down soldiers throats only 9 out of 80 that I work with actually completed the PDR voluntarily and 7 of those have terminated their service ????
To be honest with you, mine does a fantastic job of stopping all my DVDs from falling off the end of my shelf. And the cellophane wrapping; well the guy who thought to put that on was a genius! It completely prevents the build up of dust on what would otherwise be a magnet for it!

Actually.. hang on a minute.. I'm supposed to be in the army.. What's dust?  :-/

As for the PDR/PVR thing, I have had an ex workmate stop and try to coax me into not signing off as I went to collect my PVR from the clerks' office. If I had wanted to leave the army, surely the forms don't come in a large black binder??
PDRs are great.

Ditch the crap inside, get the clerks to recover and re-distribute to Trg Office or Admin Office as general files.

Believe me Senior Officers visiting will be totally baffled by the bullshit. ;)

To make things even better our unit received a double demand and no one would take them back.

Pity the QM keeps on moaning about the amount of paper we are using. ???
it has to be said the PDR's were a waste of time money and effort they are not being used correctly and will probably not be used correctly for a while yet.  They just appeared and we were expected to use them straight away what happened to being informed


Apparently all Offrs, WO's & SNCO's were to receive a briefing session so that they could advise all junior ranks as to how to complete. obviously the designer of the PDR will recieve an MBE or such like for his utter waste of 1000's of ££££££'s ?
I was on JCSC in the not too distant past and we had a briefing from the S02 PDRs, an AGC (ETS) Major. It was like watching a pack of rabid dogs when she asked 'so has anyone got any questions'.  Poor woman didn't have a chance.
So if anyone out there is listening....
PDRs are a waste of money and time. They do NOT convince soldiers that we are managing their careers, all they do is create work for already stretched officers and SNCOs. In every unit I have been to they are generally used to:
a. Fill up the unit dustbins (80%)
b. Hold doors open (10%).
c. Used as files due to the normal field army chronic lackof stationary (10%)
As a humble SNCO, if a soldier brought a completed PDR to me I would be unsure what to do with it.  Of course I would discuss his/her future wishes and at the same time take a quick peek at his/her P File.

I can partly understand what it is and basically it forces bosses to show an interest (unfortunately they are out there).  If this is an issue maybe the question should be asked "why do we have to implement this?" and then maybe a few problems would be identified which could be addressed properly rather than issuing some paper based crap.  
As an Officer if a soldier came to me with a completed PDR I would question where he found the time (clearly he needs to be given more bullshit jobs to do), where the found the paper and working photocopier (Investing in Photocopying notwithstanding) and then ask him to explain it to me. Having just done the unit issue and brief to soldiers I have to say I agree with most of the aforementioned comments.

Clearly it gives the Chain of Command a fuzzy feeling that we are managing our soldiers development. I do wonder what John Venables (see Bulgers Killer board) will have put in his.
well it is obvious that PDR's are a waste and not being used correctly so does anyone know of someone in their unit who has seen one being used correctly and checked ....if at all
I must confess that mine is actually completed. To save face I must admit that I only completed it because I was made IIP Officer. (still think they are crap)
At least the worthless pieces of sh it only cost MOD £7 quid each.
£7 :eek:,

Yet again someone out there is making a lot of money from us............and no doubt laughing all the way to the bank.

BTW, I demanded a sliding window for a Gazelle helicopter the other day, it`s about 15cm  by 15cm and cost the tax payer £700.
Hope you filled out a 'stores price challenge' form! :eek:

They are so user friendly and freely available - not
You're talking to the bloke who suggested - via a Gems - that CR2 may work better in Oman with longer side skirts ???

No reply yet, but I only submitted it in Feb 01....
I thought the free floppy was great to save downloaded porn onto, and the CD-Rom is a lovely Tea Coaster to compliment any computer desk   ;D

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