Personal Clothing System (PCS) Private Expense Costs

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Au_Courant, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. The FACTS:

    All R SIGNALS Officers and Soldiers are to wear the following badges on PCS CU when it is issued:

    Velcro based name tape on both the smock and shirt at private expense.
    Corps TRF on the right sleeve badge blanking plate at private expense.
    When in barracks a new light green rank slide embroidered with the title ROYAL SIGNALS at private expense.
    Formation Badge on the left sleeve badge blanking plate at private expense.

    Costs (not including Formation Badge) for 6 x name tapes and velcro £26.50, Ranks Slides (Pair) Officers £5, Soldiers £4.25

    The (simple) QUESTION:

    Do you think this direction from the Corps Dress Committee should be funded at private expense?
  2. I've always had to pay for Name tapes and rank slides.

    You're only talking £30 here, it's not a fortune, to a married guy its a very cheap meal with the wife, to the singlies its a copy of Battlefield 3.
  3. I'm not expressing an opinion either way, just asking.
  4. nd where is the name tape supposed to go? There is no corresponding velcro patch in an appropriate position on either the shirt or field jacket.

    More evidence, if it was needed, that all RSigs Officers are over-promoted, self-important, look-at-me (feel free to insert your own rude word).
  5. In answer to the actual question. NO, not at private expense but not at public expense either. If a Corps (or Regt) wants to do its thing then let it pay out of Corps (or Regt) funds.
  6. Why do you lot have to pay for all this? Its uniform, if your to wear it its issued (unless your an officer then everything apart from combats is purchased) surely. Embroidered name tapes I understand (but then we can get free handwritten ones), but my trf (right arm), brigade flash (right arm under trf), mudguards (both shoulders) and chest (above right pocket) service badge and rank slide were all provided for free and sewn on with velcro for free by the QM's seamstress.
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  7. NM, which is as it should be for Uniform items. The problem is that this is an example of the Corps wanting to do something that is not Uniform but is Corps specific.
  8. By Corps specific I mean its a trivial vanity dreamed up by (probably) the Corps Commandant and the Corps RSM or whatever RSigs have.
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  9. ..........It's a pain in the ass, and costs me money, that's what it is !

    The tailor refuses to do them, so either I sew them myself, and risk attaching the jacket to my trousers in some abortion of threaded frustration, or again pay for a civi seamstress to do the work?!

    Ok I agree 30 quid all in isn't going to break the bank, but for three sets of puniform, plus smocks, plus Velcro ( because they won't give it out through the system, and the civi seamstress is exactly that) your looking at about a 50-60 quid bill, I know it's not the same for everyone, and most will go through the mil tailor, still........'s a pain in the ass, and costs me money, that's what it is !

    Certa Citrus !
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  10. Kind of makes a mockery of the whole "One Army" then doesn't it. We have a saying- different ship- different cap tallies, meaning each unit has its own way of doing things, but never the less if you get a matelot from HMS Neptune in Scotland and one from HMS Drake in Plymouth they will be dressed exactly the same (both with a trade badge on the right arm, a name tape above their left pocket and that's it). If you want to know what unit we're in either ask us or read it from our cap if we're wearing that instead of a beret.
  11. It would be interesting to see some gobshoite warned for orders for not carrying out these ordered purchases and stitching and chosing to go down the CM route.

    Is it still not the case that soldiers can not be 'made' to purchase anything required of them to have kit and equipment-wise?

    It's a sorry state of affairs when the adult army makes soldiers buy badges to wear on their uniform but gives out loads to children for free in the ACF!
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  12. Mr York-Hunt has a point
  13. The annoying thing, for me anyway, it that this will set a precedent which other Corps and Regiments will use...quick someone tell the CGS.....
  14. Perhaps it's the Royal Corps's way of ******* over the CGS for his 'down and out' policy on shirts, soz, lightweight jackets!

    Why don't they just bring back sidecaps for barrack dress in FAD if they want to **** peolple about?
  15. You can order velcro through the system.