Personal Benefits Statements (PBS) - Reprints

Just found out that the OTT SC now expects that PBS reprints will be sent to units in "early" November, so you will be; checking, distributing and confirming receipt in Nov/Dec.

Christmas Leave ...... I don't think so
And we also have to do a return to SPS branches twice monthly, what joy we have !!! And here was me being nieve and thinking that whoever wants to collate the figures of receipts and OTT declerations would go directly to EDS for the answer instead of burdening admin offices with the workload !!!!
And so now the PBS re-issue is set for early Dec!!! How can this be so screwed up? Are the other 2 Services having similar problems?
No they are not and to be fair most of it is our own problem as there are at least five ways we have been using the discharge field in the mainframe. This rather important piece of information does not seem to have been communicated to the OTT system, hence the high error rate. Of course the Army is also; bigger has more funnies such as LE, LSL, R2s, PQOs and MPGS all areas very difficult to program for.

Lets just hope that corrected PBSs can be produced and sent out soon.

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