Personal Barcoding!

Ever wanted to see what your barcode would look like if you were a product on a shelf, fit to be used for any purpose, no matter how unpleasant, unsavoury or unlawful?

Oh hang on - we're in the Army! :D

Never mind - go here and reduce your life to a simple matter of a few lines of black and white.

This is me, apparently. Time to get some more ink done, I reckon! :D

DD, can you confirm you are taking the 'Find every single website on t'internet' course at Shriv?

I'll bet those winter nights just fly by in your Yurt.
Nah - but there's only so much drinking or fizz you can do in one day. :D

I'm not shure what we're doing at Shriv actually - I've spent 3 months in complete bafflement!

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