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Personal Affects at Sandhurst

'Ello Arrse

Sadly, I'm one of those poor sods that like to be prepared. So I was wondering, if I pass AOSB and head through the pearly white gates of Hea- I mean Sandhurst. What stuff should I bring? Usual civvie crap, my phone, my laptop, my granddad's watch. All that jazz. Would it be confiscated the moment I arrived or would not a single pringle be given at it?
You will need a pen...maybe two.


Book Reviewer
If you describe 'personal effects' as 'personal affects', they confiscate everything immediately - it's an iron rule at RMAS.

Deleted 20555

Well lets just hope there are no wars in the next 5-6 years then the danger will probably have retired.


Book Reviewer
I gather you go through the usual bullshit and inspections for the first month then it settles down and the girly pictures can go up - little brother took his laptop then all the stuff for multimedia like a TV card but there is probably wifi now.

fill your car with what you want and get it as reqd.


You will have a baggage room and a locker under your bed where you can put extra crap that isn't required in the first 5 weeks.

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