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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jakey, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. Good afternoon guys,

    I am due to deploy next month for the first time and I am keen to get as much insurance as possible. I am currently covered by RPAX, Trinity and Towergate but was wondering if you could recommend anymore.

    Policies which specifically cover the TA and persons who have already received orders to deploy as this has been the stumbling block so far for me.

  2. Who you deploying with and what job you doing?
  3. Can I have your boots?
  4. All 5 pairs of them?
  5. LMG gunner
  6. I would say 15 units of rpax is enough pal you can add critical illness and life insurance if you want to.
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  7. How is it that you deploy next month? H16 is underway and H 17 first deployments won't start until mid september
  8. Advanced party, we fly 3rd week of August.
  9. Fuckin hell that is the really advanced party. I'm on H 17 myself, who you going with?
  10. I've dropped you a memo.
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