Personal Accident and Life Insurance, best one.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by chocolate_frog, May 23, 2009.

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  1. Currently I am covered by PAX for my accident and life insurance....

    Is this the currently the best cover?

    I am currently having a review of my cover, and am looking at Towergate Wilsons also and Naafi....

    Anyone got any facts and figures?
  2. Bore off,

  3. Yeah, cheers.

    Your response to "Life Insurance on Ops" was more helpful.
  4. Anything I say may be seen as a little biased but here are some general pointers :D

    Any policy is basically a balance between cover, exclusions and price. So whilst in the short term companies may use marketing techniques such as introductory offers, clearly income must cover claims and admin. This means that if your admin is good you can often switch between policies in the same way as credit cards to gain the best deal but watch out for admin charges for cancellation, charges of details etc.

    A policy bought from a member company of SIIAP should have been designed to meet the demands and needs of a member of the armed forces but each company will have made a business decision as to whether they cover things such as terrorism (especially off-duty), CBRN, sports (service recognised and others), forms of transport (civil and military) and specialist trades (such as aircrew, bomb disposal, SF etc), and apply admin charges.

    So the best policy for you will depend on your situation. Independent financial advise is often a good idea but it may be worth considering if the independent financial advisor is tied to a certain brand and is truly giving independent advice.