Persecuted Spams seek asylum in Britain

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. :D
  2. Is dental also covered ?
  3. Why do septics havea fixation for British teeth?
  4. And if they get caught doing a drive by shooting... our prisons are much nicer places than the states!
  5. At least it's affordable here, and contrary to popular belief access to dentists is satisfactory in some areas.

    What we are (now) interested in is our teeth not falling out. What we are less interested in is bleaching our teeth a totally unnatural shade of white, damaging them and our gums in the process.

    We are also less interested in:

    - plastic tits
    - pubic topiary
    - vaginal douches - WTF?

    Sometimes it's better to be natural. Not German-natural, you can go too far - moderation in all things and that.
  6. I remember meeting a Brit several years ago who wanted political asylum
    here in the USA. He claimed he was surveilled by ~100 MI-5 officers. I have no idea what happened to him.
  7. RTFQ


    They didn't even have that many assigned to Diana, he must be a big player. :D
  8. He was, in his own mind.
  9. Mrs Mukh has several AIDS/HIV sufferers in her ward who came here as 'mature students' and there are loads more spread throughout the hospitals of GB.

    Are the septics in good health - or is this a health rip off from the US?
  10. This septic is in good health, but cannot get over the fact that the NHS gives you birth control for free. No God-bothering or moralizing attached.

    There is almost no excuse for young women to "accidentally" become council mums in a country where they hand out the Pill like jellybeans.
  11. Hello TankiesYank - I referred only to those mentioned in the Times article.

    The NHS is ok save for the abuse it takes from overseas visitors and our own p!sstakers. The infrastructure is in place to recoup payment for misuse but it is not used efficiently or effectively.

    Council mums do so because they are given free housing, benefits [which are upped every time they give birth to another fatherless scrote] for a quick shág.

    Contraceptives stop an accident - not intent.

    The problem is that the bástárds grow up and likewise churn them out - like mother like daughter.