Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by error_unknown, Jul 11, 2004.

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  1. My real name, my address and phone number have just been posted in the chatroom by Gunny Highway and this went unchecked by Lord Flasheart.
    There was several people including a new site member in the chatroom and I have no idea who he is.
    I will try to arrange to send my children to a place of safety.
    I have emailed the Co's to inform them of this major breach of PERSEC.
  2. I know who it was - and he is well loved up with you.....

  3. LOLOLOLOLOL Dream on Walt

    the bogey men are coming to get you :D

    Point to note, when sending a message such as that throw in a couple of Roger so fars, obey the five second pause and continue, ending the convo in over, as oposed to OUT, then the other parties will respond with Roger out............

    get it right trollop if you insist on Mil talk

    I was wondering how they got your name and address...... did you give it out over the internet after all the advice you were kindly given

    Someone move this to the NAAFI bar instead of deleting it, then we can disect it further
  4. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    You are a looooooooony, i was there, this is so not true, BB how could you?

    not happy with making Flash a laughing stock, and failing, you now turn on gunny, who has defended you?

    Shame on you.....

    I thought you harmless...
  5. Hmm I assume you mean me Doris?

    Well considering you've very very recently just said you have no children except for your daughters who are spread around anyway. One in a foreign country too... sending them to a secure place sounds a bit over reactive ;).

    Also I suppose I should take offense not that you think i'd misuse your details but more that you think i'd use them to go near anything remotely related to you.

    As a final point I should also point out that it would make a whole lot more sense if someone had actually posted personal details. Do grow up.
  6. Doris, i didnt see anything. Can you verify this?

  7. You have no idea who any of us are
  8. Doris/blondebint. Can you remember who breeched persec in chat a little while ago? I seem to remember someone getting banned for it, care to remind the audience?

    Shame you didn't take the hint that you and this website do not mix. Your health may improve if you just let go of this site and move on.
  9. We should know better than to grace her with an answer

    But its frightfully good fun :D
  10. BB, first off, everyone in the chatroom has your details anyway, you gave them out to complete stangers on many occassions. Second, move your kids to safe area? Eh? Slighty OVER THE TOP. Your on the electoral roll, your emails has your full name, bimbo, I told you this many a time, so your traceable, gorp. Weren't you the one (and I still have the PM) who gave out personal details last year, and when I PMd you to be careful as someone could casually turn up at your gaff, you stated "I hope the stranger is tall, dark and handsome so I can have him"
  11. Giving your details out is a Public Service Announcement. - did Gunny put AVOID THIS FRUITLOOP at the end.
    As for
    Is that a place as far away from you as possible ??
    Ummmmmm Foxtrot Oscar -wilco out.
    PS - Can you only post in BATCO in future - It makes sense given the serious PERSEC implications of being on this site.
    PPS - Thanks for your name, age, address ect ect ect you gave me last year without me even asking - weirdo.
  12. Having been a member of the armed forces such a very long time ago, I don't usually get involved with too much of the banter that goes on in the NAFFI, though I do so enjoy it. Many the time I have pissed myself laughing at the various topics and threads,many of which I can relate to as being very similar to my own experiences of the Army in the sixties. Also, many of the characters I have met, though I don't know their real identities, remind me so much of characters that I know now and remember from years gone by.

    I have, over the past few months, witnessed the various attempts by the fruit loop, Doris (or whatever personality she has occupied at that time) to disrupt the smooth running of threads and forums posted on this site and have enjoyed the slagging and general put-downs handed out to her by just about every member of this site BUT, and here I must state clearly that I am speaking purely from my own point of view, I am finding the whole thing a tad tiring. The continued disruption of threads and forums and the continued hi-jacking into personal slanging matches is getting very boring. OK! I know If I don't like it I can fcuk off but I do so enjoy the site otherwise and I am convinced, ref the recent debacle surrounding the dubious photos of the Mirror, that the site has a lot to contribute in retaining the sanity of a lot of us old farts, who are witnessing the dog days of our beloved country.

    The point I am trying to make, in my long winded way, is this. If someone is banned from the site, are there any physical barriers that can be put in place to block that person from participating in the site? If not, what's the point of banning? If the banned person then rejoins the site under a different pseudonym, why is that person, as soon as he/she is recognised, not banned again in that guise? Finally, I know it is very hard not to attack such obvious cranks but, if no one rose to the bait that person would soon get the message and piss off, after all, they are just attention seekers and if no one gives them any attention, then they are defeated straight off!! Perhaps, instead of falling into their trap and engaging in a slanging match, once identified by a MOD, they are then totally ignored by one and all, they will get the message and piss off thereby leaving the site for the enjoyment of the majority. It is a terrible shame that we are losing the input of some great contributors because they are, also, getting tired of the continued disruptions. Rant over!!!
  13. Sanity........well said.............old fart :D
  14. Must be her.......
  15. go away Loony Toon, i have met many wierd people in my time but you really take the biscuit. :roll:
    some of the things you have said in the above quote is a tad extreme and a bit dramatic, all you have to do is unplug the computer and open the door but you seem unable to do so and actually thrive on the insults thrown your way.
    deffo a grade A loony personality disorder many Doctor would love to have you as a case study, preferably behind a glass window and you wearing a mask and a straight jacket, i beleive Claret is good with a rabbit stew :lol: