Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Prodigal, Apr 23, 2006.

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  1. Just been sent this by a friend:

    A website has been brought to my attention that may pose a risk. The
    website is and by clicking on 'People' and typing in
    an individuals name and area it brings up their home address, phone
    number, details of other members in the household, details of neighbours
    in the same street and also directions to your home.

    I would advise that if your details can be accessed via this website,
    that you have them removed. To do this send an email to and your request should be removed within 21 days if
    they are not removed within this time you can complain to the
    Information Commissioner's Office by sending an email to

    Please note each individual person in the household has to make their own request to be removed from the site.

    I've just removed my name, address, directions to my home address and details of my neighbours!
  2. Don't touch it. The whole is a stupid text thing that will cost you money. I have just looked at it and the small print. It's a $$$ making exercise. Grrrrrrrrr
  3. interestingly, I don't feature in any of its databases

    That can only be a good thing!!
  4. Ditto, but my young daughter does ????? 8O

  5. I do. Just emailed them to remove any and all personal details from their database. Just for info there is another site which will id any and all of you. Uses the electoral role and it's own database.Web Page Name 192

  6. Just as a matter of interest this 192 site just coughed up my home telephone number and address within a few seconds. Also the new address of my ex-wife. :x

    Now emailing them to have details removed ASAP

  7. At the end of the day if anyone 'really' wants to locate you, they can and they will. All these electronic databases are only making it easier to find people, the voters roll information is held in local libraries and is in the public domain but, it does not have an entry saying 'secret squirrel' or 'spy' or 'Int Corps' next to it, so stop flapping !! You can elect to NOT having your details made available on electronic means when you fill in your voters return, so if any of you are that important and feel your are being put in a life-threatening position because you are on there, get in touch with your local government offices to get it removed.
  8. Fastmedic............were you ex-directory ?
  9. Yes, been ex-directory for ten years plus. Now trying to find out from BT if they have released my details to a third party.

    My tinfoil hat is on and my teeth are receiving signals................
  10. If you genuinely were ex-directory, you can cause mayhem with them. If you inherited the previous occupants number and assumed you were ex-directory, then leave the baseball bat in the cupboard. It may come as a bit of a surprise to a lot of people, and i'm amazed that all the security experts we seem to have on here have not made it known but.........when you fill in your voters roll information you do NOT have to put down your correct details..........I say again, you do NOT have to fill in your correct will lose the right to vote though. You can put any name you like on there and then sign the declaration of the ages of the occupants. Thats it, done !
  11. I am on it :roll:
  12. and your point ?.............suggest MOD's take that last entry right off here ! How stupid.
  13. Why? It's up to her if she prints her entry, isn't she just showing that she's listed... Her persec is her business.

    I'm not listed...... But a few other ARRSE'rs are!

    Beebs x
  14. Beebs, never mind the internet, if you know their addresses, they are already doooooooooomed.
  15. BEEBS..............Oh yes, how silly of me to think that the 'Worthing_Troll' having made one entry has decided that the entry will be her own details. Doh !. <-------Last statement made with so much sarcasm it'll turn your head blonde !