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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bailey, Dec 2, 2005.

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  1. Anyone else received a letter today addressed to

    RANK Name
    Home Address


    I really don't know why anyone bothers with all these security briefs to soldiers. This sort of thing (combined with idiocies like employer notification, without any checks on the employer) show just how important the authorities really thing Presec is for the reserves.

    I notice that the mailing came not from NAO but from MORI I wonder what else MORI has been told about me!
  2. Why do MORI have these details?

    Or was it contained in a letter sent from the NAO?

    Regardless, if there is a reply letter/form etc , does it also have your Rank and other details on?
  3. Least you don't live in Northern Ireland. Imagine how you'd feel then....
  4. Fecking Hell.

    I'm giving HMG a bloody P/o box address. Much safer
  5. No but a few years ago i had a P60 sent to my NoKs address with ref 24###### on it!!!!! :evil: A tad obvious to say the least :!:
  6. Yep it does, although its displayed incorrectly :lol:

    The results should be interesting viewing next Easter.

    My guesses: recruit training slated for being too long and a big whinge about the public/employer perception of the TA
  7. Yeah got one this morning to L/cpl Forniup. Very bloody security consious NOT
  8. Aye, I got one too..

    Whats that I see, a section where you can say if you're being paid on time / satifised with Glasgow :twisted: