PERSEC and the internet

dons tin foil hat.

I have become aware of late, just how much information we are asked for on the internet and it seems to me that even some 'reputable' sites are primarily for information gathering, rather than as a service to help us.


Free credit reports. This, to me, is a clear example of a company fishing for information on us. The ads for experion, even go so far as to ask why you want to see the report. My assumption is that they offer this 'service' as a means of better tracking us. We give them all the info they need to better keep track of our movements and habits.

The online petition service. Maybe this is me being really paranoid, but it seems to me that this is a means of obtaining information about us. It highlights those who are more inclined to activism and is a ready source of information for profiling of the population. It may also be a cynical attempt by the government to mute the populace with the logic being, "as long as they have done something they will just sit back and forget about the issue". Have any online petitions actually had any influence?

Now, maybe i just need to switch to decaf, and as a civvie the PERSEC issues doesn't have the same gravity as those serving, however, I do have this 'voice in my head' telling me that 'big brother' is getting us to put the noose around our own necks.

My question,
Are we in need of laws which give us much greater control of the information others (including the government) hold on us and ask of us? Maybe a legal requirement to explicitly state EVERY use that the information we give will be put to before we submit it. E.G. "all information submitted in signing up to an online petition will be passed to the police/sis for criminal profiling. - accept/decline"

I'd get the hat if I were you. Tim Collins is watching....
No more laws, please. We need far fewer than we have; this useless Government has used their ability to spew out legislation and regulation in place of their absence of ability to enforce the perfectly adequate body and systems of law previously in place. Makes them look busy, while using the money saved to fund "Diversity Co-ordinator" posts.

I would, in preference, propose that an executive commission be put in place to examine the necessity for all laws affecting Privacy, Freedom of Information, Yuman Rites, Safety, Security, Discrimination and anything whatsoever concerning the family, sex and the minimum voting age. If asked to be the Chairman, I would humbly place myself at the Government's disposal, despite my heavy commitments.
over_the_hill said:
If the info is not relevant to the transaction just lie. That way the nosy git's databases are full of useless junk.
i agree. I happen to live at 123 fake street for example, but for things like the examples given, I am concerned that we need greater legal protection for the information about us.

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