Perscription sunglasses

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by misterp, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. Im wang eyed and need glasses, i don't get on with contacts.

    im off to sunnier climates later in the year and want to get some sunglasses

    can anyone suggest or recommend a good place to purchase from! i don't really want just get a pair of blacked out glasses from the opticians
  2. Go to the Opticians and ask for some Oakleys or whatever. Bish bash bosh!
  3. they cost a fortune at the opticians!
  4. you want a "sport wrapround frame" something that can withstand impact and has UV absorbent coating, dark tint with anti reflection coat on back surface only.
    Polarised lenses are a good bet too ask your optician

    The wrapround style will give maximum protection for the eyes against glare.
    Addidas, Oakley, Rayban do some good ones.

    Shouldnt be a problem getting them in your prescription, as always expect to pay!!
    But well worth it.
  5. Or try and get a pair of issue glasses ess brand and get a pair of prescription lenses inserted behind the black colour as the wiswo did last year
  6. I bought a pair of Rayban Wayfarer frames off fleabay and Vision Express bunged in a pair of polarising lenses; now I can look like Roy Orbison's bastard grandchild to my heart's content. 8) I think it cost about £80 plus a fiver for the frames, as opposed to the US national debt required for a genuine pair.
  7. If by 'sunnier climates' you mean 'on ops' then, like Tiger Stacker says, get some issue inserts for your ESS sunnies.
  8. Adidas do some great ones with clip in inserts and interchangeable lenses. They are intended for skiing, but loads of guys over here use them for shooting.

    They are expensive though, but are virtually indestructible.
  9. I got some Oakley Minutes.. Black iridium lenses. They're wrap around, and hard as nails when it comes to taking knocks. Expensive though :( ( circa £280 if memory serves, though they did last more than 4 years... )

  10. You can also get "no questions asked" breakage cover; Vision Express offer it for £20, and you can literally run your car over them, bring the handful of bits in and get new specs sorted.

    (Remember, prescription sunglasses are never cheap in the way "off the peg" ones are - £10 ffs! - but they're more or less automatically going to be a well made designer job, too, so will look well ally and not fall to bits, as well as being fitted to your head by a skilled professional).
  11. Don't forget that your kit insurance should cover it anyway.
  12. cheers for the advice,

    i was having a look at a few of the willey x glasses, most seem to be around 150 ish.

    i don't think i bother with the gucci react to light lenses!

    smoke grey seems to be a safe bet
  13. Reactive lenses are the most enraging things I have ever experienced: they're almost never wholly "off" which tends to make you look a bit creepy, as well as just being bloody irritating. They're sort of a worst-of-both compromise, if you ask me. Something of a Great Optician's Procurement Mystery.

    Come on man! Couple of days' pay and get the kind of Oakley's women go all custard for, you know you want to...

    (Edited for apostraphal heresy).
  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Have you asked in an opticians?
    The reason I ask is mine does buy 1 pair get a pair free
    So if you want a decent pair of glasses(if you need to wear them all the time) you get a pair of prescription sunnies for free
    Or you get an expensive pair of sunnies and a pair of glasses for free

    Shop round mate you will get a good deal

    I would put them in my top 10 items to buy
    Not just for ops but handy when driving and the sun drops just below the sun visor in winter and of course you can see perfectly well

    Just a point
    If your 'shooting eye' is wonky then zero with your glasses on
    That way your weapon will be zeroed to your sunnies also
    There is a difference between zeroing with uncorrected eyes and corrected