Permission to grow a tash

QR 7, sub section 4a: The only people not required to ask for permission when growing a moustache are the WRACs
Personal Appearance
a. Hair
(1) Males. The hair of the head is to be kept well cut and trimmed, except where authority has been granted
otherwise on religious grounds; style and colour (if not natural) is not to be of an exaggerated nature. If a
moustache is worn, it is to be trimmed and not below the line of the lower lip. Beards and whiskers are
only to be worn with authority, which will usually be granted only on medical or religious grounds, or
where tradition permits. The appearance of the beard and whiskers is to be neat and tidy.
That do you?
Does anyone know what's in Queen's Regs for this?
As she is the Queen she hasn't to ask for permission to grow one,why do you ask, have you seen her with a darker top lip!


Book Reviewer
Does anyone know what's in Queen's Regs for this?
Dafty. Queens avoid the dark upper lip as we would the bulging thong or the funny walk. You are new to Queens, arent you? Well hello sailor. New in town? You got a light?

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