Permission to grow a beard sir

So I’m growing a beard and it’s looking rather impressive, but then I looked closer and spied something unusual bristling amongst the tufts of my rugged and handsome jawline.

A ginger hair. o_O

The horror! The horror!

Have a heart you rotten bastard! I just lost my job, my girlfriend walked out and now I have to come to terms with being a fecking gwar.

My life is falling apart.

I don't think so, I've gone my whole life without seeing any ginge in the family, I was under the impression that I had noble saxon/norse heritage and now I have to come to terms with being a ginger ninja.

Does anyone else have this problem? I was looking quite rugged too.

Does this mean I can't take the piss out of ginger people?

you've probably been noshing off a ginger tramp. typical sex pest.

go and get a fcking job instead of staring at your bumfluff in the mirror.

Actually I was thinking about applying for incapacity benefit due to having ginger genes, that way I could do some work for the council, spend all night talking about liberal politics on arrse and sleep all day, fab!

Skipton's quite nice this time of year too.


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