Permission to Fall In.

Sir's Gent's

I 24 Knife Fork & Spoon Cpl McSpatstrap request permission to fall out after 24 Years service. And join the ranks of the Old & Bold.


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Get the brews in Nig!!!

Welcome to the world of the wise and the modest! :)
The William Tell has been rung Ill have some thing 18 year old and Scottish.

Possibly in a Glass!!
Stand yerself down, chap, and pull up a comfy chair - not that one as it smells of wee: now, concentrate your mind on telling everybody how you'd put the Forces right.
Ah the wing back chesterfield, large dram and "bengal tiger dah dah dah we were of course ALL very,very Drunk"

And reekin o' Pish.

My home town is the whisky capital of scotland, the only thing that goes in whisky is more whisky..

The only thing that you get from gingers is attitude, and a nasty itch!!
I dreamed about mine last night - but for some reason I had to get to the Isle of Wight to use it... :-?
24 years? 1987? Is this what "Old" has come to mean? A child who missed out on the 60's. A mere 3 years of Cold War service. Hardly enough time to irreparably damage your liver. A member of a generation who think an SLR is a camera.

No commitment these days. Come back when you have your VRSM and bar.

Did I mention that I know of a vacancy for a sprightly youth such as yourself?
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